Thank You Farmer Workshop at Sasa Malaysia | Skincare Routine Steps!

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Last Tuesday I went to Sasa Sunway Pyramid to catch up with their skincare workshop! I heard about THANK YOU FARMER before but I haven't tried their products. So I am pretty excited to have the chance to learn more about the brand. THANK YOU FARMER is a Korean Beauty brand that really prioritizes on what they formulate in their skincare. The values THANK YOU FARMER has learned from farmers. Its all about Honesty, Earnestness & Gratitude. They believe that the farmer is the most honest person who follows the law of nature. They can get healthy grains & fruits from nature as much as their sweat & endeavours. Their goal is to achieve balance for healthy skin slowly & naturally without burdening the skin.
If you love beauty products that have Precious effective natural ingredients, High-performance and effective, Determination of quality & Developed from a mild formula, well THANK YOU FARMER is what you are looking for.
THANK YOU FARMER has an amazing range of skincare products. During the workshop, we were introduced to some of their products in a complete perfect for everyday routine! It is all about Healthy & Balanced Skin. The keys are :
The power to retain moisture inside the skin
The power to awaken the energy in the skin
The power to restore the natural strength
The power to protect the skin from the sun

I am going to share with you on what  I learnt from the workshop!
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Step 1: Cleanse & Exfoliate
I STAN BY THIS! The first step is all about keeping the skin clean and ready. During the demo, she showed us a product called Back to Iceland Cleansing Water. It comes in a huge bottle of 230ml. This cleansing water contains ingredients such as Iceland Moss & Natural Extracts that helps skin feeling hydrated even after removing the dirt from your face using a cotton pad. This cleansing water is a 5-in-1 product. It helps to removes makeup, exfoliate, brighten, pore care & acts also as a toner. It is also safe for sensitive skin.

Step 2: Tone
The second step is Toner. Skincare steps are all about from the lightest to the thickest. That is why we start our skincare routine with a liquid type product and that is toner. The toner that she showed us is the THANK YOU FARMER True Water Deep Toner. The key ingredients in this toner is Inositol, a natural moisturizing vitamin (B5, B8) derived from rice bran that helps with your skin hydration, sebum control, and improves dry skin. Second key ingredients are Hyaluronic Acid, the most famous ingredient and know for its hydration power. Use a cotton pad and swipe from the inner to the other side of your face. This will gives you instant moisturization, soothing & boosting to the skin.

Step 3: Moisture
The key to any skin problem is always hydration, hydration, hydration! Hydrated and Moisturizes skin helps skin heal and making it look healthier! The 3rd steps consist of serum, eye cream, Emulsion & Cream. In this steps, you can try THANK YOU FARMER True Water Deep Serum, Miracle Age Eye Cream, True Water Deep Emulsion & True Water Light Gel Cream.

Step 4: Sun Block
Top it off with a protection. Remember, Sun Block is IMPORTANT! The THANK YOU FARMER Sun Project Water Sun Cream is the perfect sunscreen for people who have dry skin. It has a smooth creamy texture and does not leave the skin feeling sticky & white cast effect. The key ingredients of this sunscreen are Phyto-Oligo & Natural Extracts such as bamboo water & Asiatic pennywort extracts.

Step 5: Makeup
After that, you can continue your routine with your favourite daily makeup steps. If you wanna go natural, try this step. She showed us 2 product that would complete your daily face makeup routine. The first is the Be Beautiful Pure Makeup Base SPF30 PA++ in Green. It helps reduce redness on the face with its colour correcting properties. Then you can use a BB Cream. THANK YOU FARMER Be Beautiful Natural BB Cream SPF30PA++ gives a good amount of coverage as well as keeping the skin hydrated. Lastly, set it with a face spray. Try the True Water Vita Mist. This helps your skin hydrated all day long and bring this along with you for on the go refreshing touch up!

THANK YOU FARMER are now available in 25 countries worldwide. In the USA, they are available in ULTA, Belk Department store, etc. In Mexico, they are available in Sephora. In Russia, they are available in L'Etolile. In Hong Kong & Macau they are available in Mannings & of course, in Malaysia, they are available in Sasa Store & selected AEON Department Stores. Full Store locator click here - link

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