Colourpop Bare Necessities Swatch & Mini Review

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Assalamualaikum, how you guys doing? Ya Allahhh, where have I been kan? Adult life is taking a lot of space in my life but I very grateful for every second that has happened. At the time I am typing this, the world is actually at a very worry situations. The whole world has been partially shut down due to the Covid 19 situation. Currently, in Malaysia, we are at our 4th week of Movement Control where most of us have to work from home, only 1 person is allowed to go for groceries shipping and our beloved front liners are battling to saves us all. I gotta say that I kinda love working at home, I have set up my whole office desktop at my house and at the same time I am able to be with my son all the time. Ahahaha. So right before the MCO starts, my Colourpop package arrives. Colourpop is one of the US brands that I would say I went a lot and shop. Because of their pretty good delivery time FREE international shipping on orders above 50USD (about RM230+). Their items are usually on sale and affordable. Lots of choices too! It took about 2 weeks from it to arrive from USA - Malaysia.
I am not a big palette person, I just hate the size and unable to bring it anywhere easily but I just can't stop myself from owning the BARE NECESSITIES PALETTE. The hues and shades are just ugghhhhhhh, gorgeous! The palette is about 34USD (approx RM140+), but as I remember I use Emma from @colourpopcult 10% discount code - BEAUTYCULT & I save a lot!
The palette itself is just like normal cardboard material but this one has a "leather" feel to it with a very gorgeous leather embossed effect on the front.
It contains 30 eyeshadow and if you are wondering about the size. These shadows pan size are not the standard 26mm just like theMAC single shadow/MUG single eyeshadow/Colourpop Single Pressed Eyeshadow. It is slightly smaller, about 20mm per pan. So actually the whole palette is not that really big as the MORPHE eyeshadow palette.
Look at the colors. My goodness. It is a neutral palette but not that boring type of nude palette. It has warm hues, cool browns, some warm purples and dark browns with different finish and textures.
From Left to Right : Idol Hour, In The Buff, Silk Teddy, On Holiday, Rumored, Banter
From Left to Right : Full Expose, Tease Me, The Talk, Hustler, Complicated, Crack On
From Left to Right : Hot Gossip, All 4 U, Designer Duds, Spree, Act a Fool, Cufflinks
From Left to Right : Haute, Fuzzy, Tabloid, Genie, Taboo, Dutch Process
From Left to Right : Velveteen, Prix Fixe, Stiletto, Revel, Baubles, Spy Glass

Overall : Obviously, this palette is just stunning as it is! I definitely see myself going to use this a lot, the browns and neutral great for base and transition colours, as well the darker and brighter colours are a great everyday pop of color. My everyday makeup might not be boring as it have been. The textures are mixed, some of mattes are super creamy and some of them are a bit hard to swipe out, the shimmer, and glitters are pigmented as usual <3 I might deporting these to another palette maybe, Im not sure, see if I am about to get messed up. 

I bought it directly from Colourpop website -

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