Best Makeup Remover Ever

I have tried so many makeup remover, from L'OREAL, Maybelline, Silkygirl and many more. Kmart often has coupons.I first tried this makeup remover when I saw it at Jusco. How it catches me to try it because it is a water based makeup remover. So you don't have to shake it over and over again like the one L'Oreal and maybelline have some kind of blue color oil.The best part of it is because, its water based, It have a pump and its very refreshing! Remove any kind of makeup effectively.. It is the, Cleansing Express in SEBUM by Mandom Beauty. Love it! Cos Around RM29.90 - RM32.00+ depends on sale.

This is my 3rd bottle purchase! This time I got FREE Eye makeup remover in travel size! Love it so much! They have in other 2 version that is anti aging and i cant remember. Love it! Just must try! <3

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