iPad 2

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I wasn't expecting this early, but when my father got home, he said i got a package. I was clueless. Then I saw this small box. And I was guessing it right! My father ordered it online since it always out of stock in the retail store. As promised, I have to pay him RM500 afterwards. I got the 16gb + WIFI Ipad2 in white color! Wehuu! Now I have to find a nice house for my new baby! I saw this at the Victoria Secret Website! I'm trilled! And there was someone doing a spree for it. I want to order it before it sold out again. I'm ordered the pink one! Can't wait to received it! Probably around 18 July...<3

Dirty Fingerprints

YouTube at glance! Now I can watch my fave videos in the best solution!

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