NEWS : IKEA 2012 New Catalog!


Oh my! Sorry! This is so not a Beauty related post. Haha! I freaking love IKEA! IKEA have been like a supermarket. The store there in Damansara always full of people. People eat furniture I think. Just joking! Maybe because of their cafe. MEATBALLS! DAIM CAKE! And much much more! Arrgghh! So lapar~... Mayb you guys will notice that I have a very funny wish list that said "Semi-D House filled with IKEA Furniture (LOL)". Yes..Im not kidding. It is a wish! Got a mail and IKEA have launch their 2012 magazine! YEAH! Ok thats all haha! Im so excited that i have to post about it although i have load of assignment beside me! Toodles~!

A bedroom thats looks like a heaven!

I wish my room at my rent apartment was like this man!

Aww! No words can describe!

Good idea for a great hideout for makeup paradise? ;)

Children section always makes me excited and can't wait for me to have kids of my own!

Beautiful art that just fascinating!

***all pictures credit to IKEA.
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  1. hehehehe... I LOVE IKEA TOO.. and i do wish to fill my future home with IKEA furniture. hehehe their meatballs are just amazing! and i just love flipping through the catalog and imagine all the things i wanna buy.. :)

  2. owh! looks like we are gangs! haha! owh! the meatballs!!! such a weird combination of meatballs and jams! but! OMG! They are just freaking delicious!

  3. ikea's the best! majority of the furniture in my house is from ikea too xD and i built most of them myself :o so fun!

  4. hahahaha... looks like we do huh? yeah meatballs+jam is a lil' weird.. but it taste soo delish. so are the pies and most of the food item. whenever i go to IKEA and walk through that big showroom warehouse,i feel like being there and not going home. lool~! silly huh..

  5. @Chloe Nghiem - Wow! Thats so cool! Yeah! That is the fun part and whenever we look at i we will say "I did that!" haha!

    @miss cat lady - So true! Especially the small space of the corner they make like a home, from the living room, to the kitchen...They look like a fun playhouse! LOL!

  6. I like the look of everything in the second picture the most. It's got that really elegant feel to it, don't you think?

    Loving your blog!

  7. @Valentine - Yes! Although the bedroom look simple, the bed sheets brings the color to it! Simple but still have that artistic value to it! Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I love your blog too! <3