REVIEW : ELF Blush & Bronzing Powder

Hit Pan! 

Heavy Swatch-Sorry for the blur image.

This duo have been a popular product among the drugstore range. It is also have been compare with the NARS Blush - Bronzer Duo. I can't say anything about it since i never tried that one. All i can say is they look pretty the same. Im nt trying to promote this product since its happened to be one of the product i sell in my blogshop. Just to share about my favorite product. I love this duo! Evidence - HIT PAN!

Where to get it in Malaysia?
Elf cosmetic isn't in Malaysia yet. You can get it from local blog shop. Or straight from the official ELF cosmetic web based in Asia. But I don't know what happen, the site seems to be missing. I tried so many times searching for the ELF Cosmetic website based on Asia. But it was gine, IdK... i STILL REMEMBER THE SITE. The Currency was in SG Dollar and they do ship to Malaysia. Or me. I do sell some ELF Cosmetic items in my shop. Here's the link - Click me!

How much is it?
RM19 - RM25+ (depends on shop)

Pros :
Its affordable, large amount of product, fits any skin tone, perfect for traveling, give this sheer natural color perfect for daily use. Sleek packaging.

Cons :
Hard to find in Malaysia, Won't last all day.

Overall Rating : 8.5/10
Would I repurchase it? : Yes
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  1. I guess that's why it's sleek so you can take it out with you for touch ups. I've never tried elf products before and would love to, but they don't seem to sell stuff here in Aus :( Might try the NARS one then if it's similar!

  2. same here.. I hear only in th US and UK have it. Better try NARS! I heard a lot of raves about it since the most popular Blush is in the duo called Orgasm.