Silkygirl 2-in-1 Eyeliner Review


Assalamualaikum & hello everyone!

Recently I got the chance to try this duo pencil liner. Just the perfect timing as I was looking for a white eyeliner. There were not much available in stores here in Malaysia. First Impression, I kinda like i but not too much of a liking. because its a pencil type of eyeliner. I prefer a twisted/retractable pencil. I hate the fact I need to sharpen the pencil and it will get shorten, then I could not keep it for long... :(

I made a mistake. After a few experiment, I LOVE IT! I pretty much love the white shade side. It is super creamy and easy to apply. It was my first time having such a well workable white eyeliner. If you notice in some makeup tutorial on making your eyes look bigger, you have to apply a white eyeliner on your eye "tight-line". the inside surface under your eye. Most eyeliner does not "stick" well when I try to line it in. This works wonderfully and creamy. Staying power was ok, and smudging concern, it wont smudge if you don't smudge it. I love this eyeliner, but most probably I am more likely to love the White shade part than the Black one. The black one kinda similar to the other Silkygirl eyeliner which also work nice.

You an get this at any participating pharmacies like Watsons and Guardian at RM14.90.

Hugs and kisses

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