Garnier Light BB Eye Roll-On Review


Assalamualaikum & hello ladies! How you guys doing?

I ran out of a liquid type of concealer, so I went on buying this to try. The product looks promising as well as unique. Its a roll type applicator that actually help to spread out the product nicely on the skin. What this product claims that it is infuse with Pure Lemon essences and Mineral pigments. The lemon essences helps to visibly removes dullness around the eye area. The Mineral pigments help to conceal imperfection on the eye skin. Said to be a nude coverage and natural effect. Only comes in one shade, Natural. Instant visible effect and easy spread.

What I can say about this product is, oh well, it was a okay. Nothing special tho. It absorb nicely. The roll actually gives me this cooling effect. Kinda fun. Haha. But I don't find the roll ball helps me. 2 dots can help cover the whole area under your eye. The top applicator is pretty messy as you can see in the second picture. It does not crease, I prefer to use this when I feel like I want a light coverage makeup. I might say it is a lil hydrating, brighten up my eyes and a lil fresh. I like that part, but I really hates how it is very messy. I always need to keep the top clean with a tissue.

You can buy this at any local pharmacies that carries Garnier product at RM19.00+. I have the BB Cream and I think I love it! Will review it soon! Toodles!

Have you tried this concealer?

Hugs and kisses

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