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 Assalamualaikum & hello everyone! Happy Monday!

I am so so excited to share with you guys about this skincare sets. It is the Anti Trouble skincare sets from Yadah! As you all know the cleanser have been my favorite for the last month. I love love love the bubble cleanser. Really help the ease in my skincare routine. Foaming you cleanser are very important while cleansing your face. The micro bubbles will help to reduce the chemical harshness on your skin! This skincare consist of 3 main product. The basic step in skincare regime. Cleanses, Tone, and moisturize! They also have another product for spot treatment and serums. Will review it in the future! In sya Allah...

Claims : The Anti-Trouble range wastes no time giving blemishes the boot. It is specifically developed to unclog pores, eliminate excess sebum and lessen the like hood of breakouts and blackheads without the dryness and irritation. Begin to see visible result with regular use especially for blemish prone skin.

Step 1 : Yadah Anti-Trouble Bubble Cleanser

Contains Salicylic Acid and fight blemishes. Comes with a hard plastic bottle and and foam pump which I love! The pump comes with no problem, easy to control and dispenses nice amount of bubbles. I usually use 2 pumps in the morning and 3 pumps during the night. The foam is very fluffy and really cleans my face. Just love the sensation during cleansing  So much fun! It have the same pH balance as the skin to maintain it moisture balance. It claims to reduce inflammation and acne causes by bacteria in the skin. I think it really delivers because cleanser that foam can deeply cleanse your skin better. It is enriched with sage, aloe vera, rosemary, camellia leaf and green tea. Compare this to the Bubble Deep Cleanser, the bubble cleanser have more of a citrus scent while this is more to a green tea scent.
Price : RM59.00
Available at : Stage Malaysia, Sasa, Hishop.my, Zalora Malaysia

Step 2 : Yadah Anti-T Toner

Comes with a glass bottle. Pretty heavy and thick. The toner comes with a pump. All I need is only 2 pumps on my round cotton pads for my entire face. Very watery and easy to glide on my face. I felt this toner is like a 2nd stage of preparing my skin. No overpowering scent and no cooling feeling. Feels like water. This toner is free from preservatives, paraben, fragrance, TEA, benzophenone, artifical coloring, mineral oil, animal extract. It helps away to sweeps dead skin cell that can lead to break out. It tighten pores and calms down blemish prone skin. Formulated with native Korean blackberry to control excess sebum and reduce inflammation.
Price : RM59.00
Available at : Stage Malaysia, Sasa, Hishop.myZalora Malaysia

Step 3 : Yadah Anti-T Emulsion

Usually Korean Moisturizer are called Emulsion. They are more likely very light weight and liquid-y. This emulsion also comes with a glass bottle that is quite heavy and hard. Comes with a pump and the pump cause no problems to dispense the product neatly. This moisturizer leaves no sticky layer/feeling after applying it. Absorb pretty nicely. I think it is very good as this skincare is targeted to acne/oily prone skin. Helps to "mattify" your skin and leave you skin feel fresh and nice. I love using this moisturizer during the day. Feels light on the skin especially when you are wearing makeup. Contains eucalyptus, clove flower and citrus fruits. There is a lil scent in it, quite refreshing scent but I dont know hoe to describe it. Hehe.
Price : RM59.00
Available at : Stage Malaysia, Sasa, Hishop.my, Zalora Malaysia

Overall : 
 photo 5star_zps77468cb4.png
I love this skincare range. I really recommend this range to girls out there who are looking for a easy skincare regime sets that helps to overcome most common girls skin problem. The third step which is the emulsion will help to prepare you skin look fresh and matiffy. To you school girls or college girls out there who do like wearing tones of makeup but wanna make sure you skin look clean, neat and fresh try using this. It is not too overpowering in terms of chemical, its contains natural ingredient  perfect for girls who want something simple and delivers.

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Hugs and kisses

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