My story living near the cemetery


Since I was a kid, I was raised by my grandmother. I live somewhere that most Johorean know. It is a place where people mourn and dress in black. Yes, my grandma house is just beside the Muslim cemetery.  It is one of the most famous cemeteries in Johor and where most car accident happen there... Everyday coming back to school, I will need to walk inside the graveyard in order to get shortcuts. Glad I have not yet met "anything" in particular... yet?

Admit that I love ghost stories and then I find hard to sleep afterwards. haha. One of the experience I had when I was a kid living near the Muslim cemetery are of course during the night when I have to walk alone going back from my Quran class. I always had that feeling of something following me. eek! And one of the experiences I can't forget that happen to me is during that night. I heard something howling. It does not really sound like an ordinary dog. It's more like a wolf! Or I could say something big! Just beside my window. My window is near to the cemetery. There were loud scratches and loud stomp sound just like waiting to come in through that window. Eeek again! More stories? I could not even want to remember!

But then again, when we talk about ghost stories why it has to be a frighten one. Who said ghost can't have love? Cornetto brings joy in anyone. I mean anything in this world! As you bite in those crunchy nuts, that oh so creamy ice cream and don't forget the last bite of that sweet crispy cone! I always fight for that! It's what they said save the best for the last! Cornetto also believes that how this sweet snacking time could bring joy to anyone as well as connects the love and affection to each one another.

Now what's up with the Cornetto Hikayat Po and Lang? Who is Po? What is Po? What Cornetto has to do with these ghost stories? Joy? Love? Watch below teaser!

Here a little spoiler for you. Not really a spoiler lah. hehe. There is this creature called Lang. Better known as Langsuir. You know what is Langsuir? It is some kind of a creature that said to appear in white and long black hair and loveeee to eat Cornetto ice cream. Nah I'm just kidding. Or am I? So when Lang has lost her ability to scream and ya know the thing that they do. Cackled! She finds that there is something missing in her heart. Something is not right. Something that's need to be filled. So she decided to go somewhere where she can find this empty space to be filled. So she went off and meets a boy. The boy was eating Cornetto and the boy says that he is happy. Lang began to realize that it is joy that she have lost. So there is where Lang was bought to Kampung Cempuaka. There is where Lang meets Po and the other creatures. There is when, the drama starts. The other creatures could not hear her voice except for there is this one creature. Watch the web series! The 1st episode starts today! Who is it? Love story? Jealousy? You see for yourself!

Watch the web-series :
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