Maybelline Colosal Kajal 12H Black & Hypercosmo Trio Eyeshadow


Maybelline is known for its awesome eye makeup products. Mostly known for its mascara. Today I will show you two eye makeup product from Maybelline. I think both a relaunch and reformulated. The Kajal liner is a re formulated eye-liner from the previous 6 hour Kajal liner. The Hypercosmo eyeshadow is a product that claims to be a highly pigmented, with a unique 3D effect and stunning metallic finish and captivating the summer look with metallic. So here are my thoughts.

Maybelline Colosal Kajal 12H Black
It said that this is the new and improve Colossal Kajal Eyeliner. The one before clams to last 6 hours but this claims to last 12 hours. Comes in a bright yellow packaging and it is an auto twist type of eyeliner that does not need sharpening. It has a very creamy and precise texture. The tip is pretty firm and fine which makes applying easier. It is super pigmented and waterproof. I had a rough time removing this. It does not smudge but it stains your hand if you rub it. Lasting power was okay. It last me about 3-4 hours. I don't like to use this on my upper lid, but I like to use it on the half of my lower lid. Price wise are also affordable.

Hypercosmo Trio Eyeshadow
Maybelline has come out with these mineralize baked eyeshadow that offers you metallic eyeshadow finish look. It is not a quad but as you can see it has different colours in it that you can play around. There are 4 shades you can choose from that is Coppered Mars, Venus Gold, Pinky Comet and Galactic Purple. The one I got here are Coppered Mars & Galatic Purple. It comes in a dome shaped plastic packaging that is pretty nice. Pigmentation wise, does not really impress me. The texture is not chalky, but colour pay off is a bit weak. You need 4-5 layers to make the colour really pop off. This is recommend t you if you fond over a very light finish of eyeshadow. This may need a help of a good eyelid base or eye primer to make it last long and look more vibrant.

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Eyeline

Maybelline Hypercosmo Trio Eyeshadow
**Disclaimer - This product were send to me for product review purposes

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  1. Hi dear just wana know,where to get d colosal kajal in malaysia?i honestly have seen them around.thought tey were foreign special edition.pls let me know,i wana try them cos they have raving reviews online-another blogger.

    1. yes, this is available in Malaysia. Do check out all participating pharmacies. It is pretty good, you should try if you want :)