Be the next ChiChi & ChaCha Star - Win RM1000!


Hello everyone! Calling all talented boys and girls aged between 6 - 18 years old to show what they can do to be the next ChiChi & ChaCha kids TV show, ChiChi & ChaCha! It's now to let your sister and brother know where to put that shower singing routine that you have been hearing everyday!

ChiChi & ChaCha is an edutainment and star search for kids. ChiChi & ChaCha hosted by 5 Astro teenage celebrities Harris, Afiq, Sweet, Leen, Farisha & a 3D animated character called ChiChi & ChaCha. ChiChi & ChaCha is packed with slots such as story time, arts and crafts and interactive problem solving. Giving a fun and educational 30 minutes tv shows for children. Vie it in in Astro Ceria and Astro MayaHD every Saturday at 10.30am and three times a day, every Monday to Friday.

ChiChi & ChaCha is one of a kind providing educational slots that has closely works with teachers. Organised by ProPassion, Kyanite TV and Big Fish Media for the next session for ChiChi & ChaCha Star search. They also has been work closely with the feedback from children. It is definitely will meet the needs and what children like to learn more in a fun way. ChiChi & ChaCha, the cute baby tiger represent the Malaysia pride. Exposing kids to these endanger species and based on our most kept and love rain-forest surroundings. Be sure to follow as ChiChi & ChaCha has a lot of things to surprise such as their own merchandising that kids will love!

During the Challenge Round on 15th November (Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star Search) contestant will be given 90 seconds to showcase their talents. 30 entrants will be picked for the there and the Top 10 will be chosen for the next round to proceed to the Grand Final on 16th November. Judging will be tested based on 3Ps. That is Performance, Potential and Personality. During the grand final all finalists will be given maximum 4 minutes to showcase their talents and dance to CC2 songs.

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- Contest 1 -
Be The Next ChiChi & ChaCha Star

15th (First Round)
16th November 2014 (Final)
TIME : 9.00 am -  5.00 pm
VENUE : The Main Place, USJ 21 

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- Contest 2 -
WIN RM1000.00 & perform with ChiChi & ChaCha Host!

1. Take a 15 seconds video of your talent (eg. Sing, Dance, etc) in your Instagram then share it , link and share it also in your Facebook account
2. Shout out "Saya nak jadi bintang ChiChi & ChaCha" in your video

3. In the caption make sure to tag one of your favorite hosts
(@afeiq, / @farisha_iris, / @jazashazleen, / @harrisalif, / @fqisminaa) and @chichidanchacha


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