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Good day everyone ♡. Here is another review from a product I for from Supermodel Secrets. It came with a box contains a few tools that comes in different sizes. It said that, the pads is covered with superfine crystals that buffs away the hair leaving it soft and smooth. The size of the large applicator is 112mmX76mm , and the small applicator is 76mmX35mm Package including with:

• 1 Large applicator ( perfect size to be use on large areas such as legs)
• 1 Small applicator (perfect size to be use on small areas such as facial hair area)
• 4 Large flex-crystal replacement pads
• 4 Small flex-crystal replacement pads

It supoose to be a replacement of what you use to use such as shaving cream and razor. That is said to give you Harsh Chemicals, Waxing, Electrolysis, Painful Plucking, Ripping Hair, Shaving, Costly Laser Treatments. It helps to removes Unwanted Hair and Exfoliates your skin. It said that this is a Safe, Soft and Painless way to remove hair and in result your hair grows back slower and finer with each use.

What I like about it. Not much actually. Just that it feels like giving your leg and exfoliation and it is easy to hold and use it against on skin. It comes in many sizes and erm. It's pink?

What I don't like about it. It sad that I have to admit I don't like this product. :( I want this to work for me but it just don't! It takes so much time to buff in order for my hair to be removed. and not all are removed. It feels like rubbing sandpaper on to your skin. *cries*

Overall & Recommendation. I am not fascinated or amaze with this product. I just don't understand how this works and how it is going to help remove my hair. It only works on my leg area but not under my arms and I don't even dare to use it on my bikini areas. I felt like my skin in burning after using it on my underarms. *cries again* Maybe it is just me who don't know how to use it. Meh.

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  1. I never tried this but I have tried once shaving my leg n now the hair become longer which i dont like it the most

    1. Yep, shaving can cause rough hair. plucking doesn't but its painful X(