My First Vlog | Celebrating November Babies at Olive Music Cafe, Johor Bahru


Hello everyone! What going on todaaayy! I film my first ever vlog. But you can't really see me in there since I am the camera girl. Haha. Just testing some skills if I had any haha and practising on how to use the Sony Vegas. Editing video is fun, and when it is successfully edited and finish. Aaah. It is satisfaction.There is still a lot to improve. Will vlog more if you are interested to watch, don't forget to subscribe to my chanel - Sabrina Tajudin Youtube.

It is November and we have 3 beautiful girls celebrating their birthday in this month. They are my school mates! Coven girl it is! Any convent girls here, raise your hand! We celebrated their birthday at a local cafe called, Olive Music Cafe. It is located at Nong Chik Height. Just beside Big Food Johor if you keen to know more. Their food are great and prices are amazingly nice. You should try if you happen to visit Johor.

We had fun and hope to see you guys soon! Happy Birthday Shasha, Qiela, & Mieza! Don't forget to leave a thumbs up if you love the video! And if you don't like, err... my Tubbie will come and poke you. Haha.
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