Favorite Finds during Motherhood!

It’s nearly 6 months as a mother! I would say it was a really awesome experience and a whole lot new world to me! Each day I got to see my son grows and every single new thing he made make me had that little moment of what we call that? Tears of Joy :'). Along with that I learnt new things and found some essentials that had really helped me throughout this journey. These things have helped me so much in my daily routine and allow Aryan in discovering new things in his life.

I cannot say more on how I love my diaper bag. This is my Skip Hop Forma Backpack diaper bag. This bag is designed to fit all my baby’s need and I love the easy to reach feature of this bag. Especially during travelling time, this bag fits it all! I can keep all my baby essentials and my belongings in the spacious bag. It is versatile too, my husband loves to carry it around, he said it is not girly and does not look like a diaper bag.haha.
Secondly, a baby carrier is every mummy’s saviour! When I first went for my grocery shopping, we were all over the place. We panicked as Aryan kept on crying, he felt uncomfortable because of the cold temperature around the supermarket, and we just didn't know what he wanted and of course we got to carry him all the time as he hates sitting in the stroller. haha. At the end I forgot to buy all the things I needed and grocery shopping has always been a nightmare to me especially when Aryan is around with me. We always panic and always in a hurry when doing some errands. When Aryan was 3 months old, Aryan’s body structure started to be a bit "firmer", we tried this baby carrier, Ergobaby360 Four Position Baby Carrier. This also comes with an infant insert for baby who are below 6 months old. The 360 carrier provides 4 comfortable and ergonomic ways to wear baby: front-inward, front-outward, hip and back carry positions. Then I started realizing everytime when we put him in the carrier, he will sit inside or sleep soundly! He feels comfortable in it and we can feel the closeness with him. My shopping and running errands routine became much easier. I also love how it comes with a sleeping hood so we can cover him when it rains or it is too hot. The material is very comfortable, and it fits my husband nicely where the weight does not cause back  pain even after long hours of carrying Aryan. 
At home, when I am doing some cooking, cleaning and such, I usually place him on this Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym. The toys are detachable and easy to be hung back. Aryan loves the bright colors of the toys and the different texture of the toys. He can spend 1-2 hours by just laughing and grabbing these toys.
Along with that he loves his Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-Around RattleToy. It is easy to grab and Aryan got to learn how to hold properly and the cute little owl keeps him distracted for some time. Haha! So I can do more house work and business work.
Then it’s bath time essential! This fun cute Zoo hooded towel is from Skip Hop. I love the super-absorbent and thick material of this towel. After Aryan’s bath time or even after swimming time, the towel and mitt makes drying off fun! The hooded design made it much easier for me to wrap Aryan quickly right after his bath time.
At night, after some bedtime stories for Aryan, I will turn on this Moonlight and Melodies Nightlight Soother which creates a soothing bedtime atmosphere to my baby. It is from Skip Hop and this cute owl lamp has this adjustable-angle lenses that projects stars on walls or ceiling. It has music features such as classic baby instrumental music and nature sounds that can be played continuously or with timer set. The light on the owl belly can be dimmed to your liking. Aryan sleeps so much better with this nightlight soother next to his bed.
Aryan reaches 6 months this month! Yay! So it is time for... Solid Food! I can't wait to use this stainless steel Skip Hop Insulated Food Jar. It comes with a spork (spoon + fork). The range has so many adorable designs and I got Aryan the Lighting and the Bee design. The food jars BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free! So they are safe to keep my baby’s food warm or cold especially when we are out!
There will be more products to be discovered along with Aryan growing journey. Thanks to Bloom & Grow, I discovered some of the cool products above which ease my  Motherhood! More info on these products go to :

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