Flower Delivery in Johor, Kuala Lumpur & More!

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Flowers! One of the things that makes me happy and content are flowers. I personally love flowers especially peonies & daisies. There are not much of a flower delivery here in Malaysia especially in Johor. To have such service where they deliver fresh crafted flowers are such a bliss. I discover that Flower Chimp provide flower delivery across Malaysia. They have so many choices of flowers and even hampers to be send to your love ones! Also flowers for store opening and festive products. You can arrange the delivery date in advance or even on same day delivery when order is made before 12pm. They not only have flower in bouquet but also some of the comes in a vase like what I have here. After I receive t, I just place it on my living room. Hope you find this post helpful especially to the hubbies and boyfie out there, do take note! Appreciate your love one with some fresh flowers! I', sure they will love it!
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1 comment