120 Color Eyeshadow Makeup Palette & 15 Color camouflage concealer palette by Supermodels Secrets

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I always want a palette full of endless posibilities, and so I opt for this 2 palette that I got from Supermodel Secret. Its like what I call back up, incase i needed some bright green or bright yellow eyeshadow. This is the 120 eyeshadow palette. It comes in a dome look small shaped eyeshadow and yes, look at those colors in the palette. Greens, blue, plums, purples, bright orange, warm tones and more. The another palette is the 15 concealer palette. 
It comes in this very light plastic case, it does feel tacky but still it looks neat to me. On the front there is the Supermodel Secret logo sticker.
This 15 concealer palette has a very creamy texture. I actually ahd this before when I just started in to makeup, I hit pan most of it and looovvee this palette. So I got a new one to paly around. The colors are really pigmented and coverage is off the hook! It is great for concealing and contouring. 
Then, the 120 palette. The palette comes in a plastic case too, and both side can be detached for easy holding.
On the right side is more of a warm bright colors and on the other side is more of a dark neautral colors. 
The pigmentation is pretty okay, a bit chalky to some colors but I find it is still workable and it is sooo much fun to see so many colors in one palette. These palette retails for RM85.00 for the 12 palette and RM43,00 for the 15 concealer palette.

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