The Body Shop Down To Earth Eyeshadow Quads Review

I am so into eyeshadow palette lately. I have a long list of eyeshadow palette that I want to collect for no reason. I felt that I need all. Haha. Recently The Body Shop Malaysia launched their Down To Earth Eyeshadows. From a full pan of 8 shades to quads. Today I will be featuring some quads that I have tried. All The Body Shop Eyeshadow are 100% vegan! Each quad comes with 4 different eyeshadow in square pans. Comes in a black plastic case with a mirror in it. Each eyeshadow squares has a net weight of 2.2g. Oh and the eyeshadow pan can be clicked out so you can customize your own palette. Simply push it from the back to take t out. I forgot to take some pictures to show you. Below I will show you the swatches and descriptions. 
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This quad is called Go For Gold. Contains gold with yellow undertone eyeshadow shades. In this quad, it has mattes and metallics. The top left color is called Sahara Dune. It is a perfect matte brow highlight color, super pigmented and buttery soft. The top right color is called Aztec Gold. A shimmery gold shade, not that pigmented but still smooth when applied. Bottom left is called Essaouira Bronze, a shimmery bronze shade, pretty pigmented. Bottom right, Amazonian Earth. Highlight pigmented dark brown shade! Overall I really love both of the matte shade mentions.

This quad is called True Romance. This quad features romantic hues of taupe and purples. Top left is called Attica Marble, A matte white shade. Compare to Sahara Dune from the Go For Gold Quad, this is more white, but has the same texture, soft and buttery smooth. Top Right is called Petra Sandstone. A shimmery light taupe shade. Super pretty! Bottom right is called Penrhyn Slate. A dark taupe with purple undertone in it. I think it has a pearlized finish. Last a the bottom right is called Bengal Granite. a shimmery dark plum purple shade. 

This quad is called Smokey Grey. Features gray undertone eyeshadow shade. From the Top left is called India Rose Quartz. A sheer light champagne shade, perfect for highlighting. Top Right is called Atlas Rhassoul, a matte gray with an olive tone in it. Bottom right is called Cerro Rico Silver. A shimmery light gray. Lastly, it's Siberia Anthracite. A pearlized medium gray. 

Each quad retails for RM109.00. You can get this at any The Body Shop outlets & online here:
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  1. comel! warna pun cantik2 je hihihi

  2. Wahh tak sangka bodyshop pun jual benda ni, warna cantik cantik pulak tu

    Jemput la singgah ke blog saya
    Nak cantik? Nak sihat? Ingat killa