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You know that I am always on a hunt for rare things and usually they don't ship to Malaysia. I discover a new US address service provider recently and give myself a take on it. It is called MyMallbox. A super easy, friendly user website that provides you with a USA address so you can shop on any website, any time. The simple process goes like this. You register an account, get a US address, use it during your check out. MyMallBox will notify you when your parcel arrives. Then you can keep it within 30days (if you want to combine with others), or simply ship it back to Malaysia using some shipping option that they offer. Come, I'll show you the process.
 1. First of all, of course, register a free account at . Then you will get an access to your account and you can see a US address right on top of your account page. You can also check your shipping status, account balance that you can use to pay your shipping or buy for me order (you can also pay by card/paypal), and much more.
 2. Now you are good to go, start browsing and during check out, use the address that has been provided to you, one question, which phone number should I put in my checkout page? Just put in your phone number for credit card authorization purposes.
 3. So here is my check out page. I bought Juvia's Place palette, usually, US website accept PayPal. 
 4. Now my order is confirmed! It will be shipped to the US address I have put in and now I have to wait for it to arrive.
 5. I was notified by MyMallBoox through email that my package has to arrive. I ordered 2 items from 2 different stores. I went to my MyMallBox account page and saw both of my package arrived.
 6. Here is how it looks like, they will put in all of your ordered items on one page. Now I want to ship it back to Malaysia, tick on the item and Add to Cart.
 7. Here is what I like about MyMallBox. They give you different shipping option with the various price level. if you want it fast, choose a higher rate, I can wait so I went for the cheapest one. It took about 3-4 weeks to arrive.
 8. When you have chosen the shipping option, you can see the total and make the payment to proceed.
9. Now all is done, I just have to wait! After 3-4 weeks, my parcel arrive! Yay! Here is how it looks like.

Everything looks great and just like what I wish for. I will definitely purchase more and use this service. Find out more here:
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  1. Hi the mymallbox.Com better than myus site or is it pretty much the same? In the terms of services