The Sephora - Beauty Shopping App in now available!

How exciting it can be when your favorite beauty store has its own App! It is a free app that is available on both iPhone & Android phone. This lets user to easily browse through what Sephora have in stores. Let me show you around on what I like about this app. 
 But first, of course, download the app! And let's get started!
Of course, my favorite thing to do is daydreaming about the things I wanna buy. The products that I have put on my wishlist of course! So whenever I went into Sephora store or there is some exciting sale in Sephora online, I can quickly remember what I really want and what I have a survey before.
Another cool feature of this app that you can get full access to your account which is link to your membership card. In case you forgot to bring your card and can;t remember how many points you have. You can simply open your account and view your card. It shows you the front and the back part of your card for easy reference. 
 It has a simple and easy friendly interface that allows you to browse all categories easily. 
Also you can watch expert tutorials, with tips and tricks from local and global brands and makeup artist.
Another feature that I like is that I can get shade reference/description on the product I want to know more. Usually, they don't have this in stores. So I can check and get a reference on my phone when I want to purchase things online or offline.
There are many other features in your account section. Get access to your order history, wishlist, rewards and much more! So how bou dah? Download it now! The Sephora - Beauty shopping app is now available for download on both the App store and Google Platy store.
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  1. I downloaded this app the moment I saw it available haha! It's getting even harder to curb the urge to buy new beauty products now! 😂