Food & Diver's Heaven! Paya Beach Resort,Pulau Tioman

I needed a little vacation after our hectic schedules, so we decided to go for a beach-stay-cation at the Paya Beach Resort ! We woke up early in morning and drove off to Mersing to get to our Ferry. The recommended time for visitors to arrive is 1 hour before the ferry departs, as this allows for ample time to find a parking space and to enjoy the scenery. The fees are relatively inexpensive, and costs only RM30.00 for 3 days and 2 nights.

You don’t need to worry about being bored - near to the ferry dock, there are lots of picturesque restaurants and waiting places that you can hang out in while waiting for the ferry to arrive. The Paya Beach Resort office is also located here if you have any questions about your reservation.

Everyone here is so helpful and welcoming. At around 10 in the morning, we got on our ride to Pulau Tioman. It took about 2 hours to reach our destination, as there was quite a stormy weather on board and the waves were rough - I got pretty boat sick throughout the journey to Pulau Tioman. Haha! I’m glad Aryan was asleep throughout the journey, though.

Take a sneak peek at a mini vlog I did when I was there!

As we arrived, we were welcomed by the beautiful scenery of the beach! I forgot all about my nausea when I saw the silky white sands. We needed to walk across a short bridge and, lo and behold – here we are at Paya Beach!

Along the way, I spotted a lot of restaurants and mini shops that we can stop by later.
As we walked along the road, I saw a lot of elegant chalets that seem to be the deluxe rooms. The suites are located on the 2nd floor above the usual chalets, with a playground for the little tots and a sprawling swimming pool in the middle of the chalet area.
How about a suite room tour? The package we chose is the 3D2N Full-Board Package  along with the Deluxe Suite Beach Front room. It was so spacious and awesome – the view every morning was a refreshing start to my day.

Here is a quick room tour! You can take a look at the full view in my video above - other than this package there are also other packages for adventurous couples, such as a romantic and spa package. Please find the rates from here .
As we entered, we saw a large sofa bed perfect for evening cuddles. It comes with fully air-conditioned room, fridge, full-length mirrors for you to snap that beach #OOTD and a large television.
I was so touched that they included a baby crib in the room as they knew that I was coming along with my 10-year-old month son.
 There are 2 bathrooms, with one located in the living room area (I believe it's the indoor bathroom) and this one right here, is the outdoor bathroom. Complete with a large jacuzzi, shower, and toilet. It is an open air bathtub, but with a touch of privacy as you are on the 2nd floor and it is facing the beach.
The balcony offers a spectacular view of the beach, which I really enjoyed. We sat there and talked under the beaming afternoon sun, and it was a serene and ethereal moment for us.
Our 3D2N Full-board package  included an all day buffet – that means breakfast, lunch, and dinner was provided! Anytime there’s a buffet, you can be sure to count me in! They served amazing food and not to mention, a different menu on each course!

I did not manage to take a lot of the food photos as there were tons of people taking the food, but rest assured – they taste as good as they look in the photos!
Beside the resort buffet, there are plenty of other restaurants nearby. There is a seafood restaurant, burger stall, ABC stall, coffee house and so much more – for picky eaters, fret not, it’s food heaven here!
Along the beach, there are many places made for lounging, where you can just chill out and enjoy the lovely scenery in front of you. If you’re one for trying a new activity, there are also a lot of divers around this area with stores where they provide boating services to diving locations.
There is also a spa house with many different services, and the bookings can be easily made through phone/the reception counter. The list of services are also provided in our bedrooms for easy reference.
On our 2nd day, we woke up earlier as we had a snorkeling activity planned. The boat arrived at 7 am, with all the necessities such as life jackets and goggles provided. If you’re not one for the deep sea, you can opt for the ATV and jungle trekking instead.  
Our boat arrived and we went off to Renggis Island, then to Pusat Taman Laut.
At the Pusat Taman Laut, the snorkelling area is much more children-friendly. There was also a small beach space where Aryan had a jolly good time building his own sandcastle! On the other side there were also stalls and museums educating the public about the abundant marine life here.
 Below is the Marine Life Museum.
We took off at 1pm back to our resort!
We chilled out for a bit, and explored the Paya Beach area. Stopping by the little blue house for some coffee replenished our energies! At night we headed off to our Grill buffet dinner for 2, where fresh seafood is served piping hot by the beach. How awesome is that? Look at our food!
Then we went back to our rooms to rest up. We also woke up early again to make sure we didn’t miss our ferry back home. Aww, we miss this place already! We had a great time at The Paya Beach Resort. Hopefully, we will get the chance to come back here again, as there are still so many things I wanna do here! 
For more info about this resort, check out below links!   

Check out the rates here :

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  1. Hye sabrina. I just follow u ...have a nice day!

  2. Thanks Sab.. Information yang best.. Tapi yan nak tanya sikit lah.. Untuk pembayaran sab buat semasa checking or semasa sab booking online dia terus potong akaun..and perlu booking berapa hari sebelum tarikh pergi tu??

  3. Thanks Sab.. Information yang best.. Tapi yan nak tanya sikit lah.. Untuk pembayaran sab buat semasa checking or semasa sab booking online dia terus potong akaun..and perlu booking berapa hari sebelum tarikh pergi tu??