The Body Shop Peeling Gels Review

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Today I am going to talk about peeling gels! It is my first time trying out this kind of products and it took me a while to understand ow it works, how to use it and what it does to my skin. Basically peeling gels are like exfoliators, they aren't peels, and they aren't masks. It is an alternative to scrub that is very easy and gentle. Peeling gels usually comes in, obviously gel texture. A thick liquid that allows you to control the product on to your hand when massaging onto your skin. A proper exfoliation will slough off dead cells, making room for new, fresh looking skin. 
The two peeling gels that have tried out are these peeling gels from The Body Shop. Let's talk about it individually as below.
The first one is the from the Drops Of Youth collection, liquid peel. Comes in a 145ml pump tube. This features ingredients that will help to lift up your skin and remove dead skin leaving your skin feeling fresh and clean. What you do is pump out about 2 squeeze amount of this gel and rub onto your skin in circular motion. I tried this on to my wet face and damp face. I think it works best with damp skin. As you go along, you can see little clumps balls out from your skin. If you do this about 2-3 times a week, you can definitely feel your skin much cleaner and smoother as this already helps to remove all the dead skins. This allows your skin to absorb your skincare better. Compare this to the Vitamin C which I will review next, is that this feels a bit fresher ad less sticky. This price at RM125.00 each.

The second is from the Vitamin C range. This peeling gel is said to target skin problem caused by pollutants. This has a brightening effect on the dull skin. This has a bit more sticky feeling when I rub it in but if you do it correctly, this also helps remove my dead skin cells gently. It has a bit brightening effect than the Drops of Youth version. The picture above are after my hand uses the Drop Of Youth peeling gel, so there aren't much dead skin cell can be seen, haha. But this also balls up the dead skin cell when you rub it in. You will need to rinse your face again & again until the sticky feeling went away. Overall it's a pretty good one.

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1 comment

  1. I love that Drops of Youth peeling gel! The salesperson was kind enough to test it on my hand and I can immediately feel the effect. My hand felt so smooth and silky, which was so shocking since it's really hard to get immediate result by just one test. Bought it and instantly love it! My face became much more smoother and acne rarely comes out. Which one do you like more? -Anis