Buffet Ramadan 2017 Preview @ Doubletree Hilton Johor Bahru

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to preview the Double Tree Hilton Buffet Ramadan. It was a fun event of course, cause it involves food. Haha. So Ramadan is just around the corner and I bet you are looking for some great Ramadhan buffet to enjoy with your loved ones! Head over the details that I am going to give you a little tour around the Makan Kitchen Restaurant at DoubleTree Hilton Johor Bahru. 
There are actually 2 parts of the buffet area, one is the main are which is the Festive Flavors Dinner Buffet at the Makan Kitchen (near the lobby) & another one great for people who comes in groups, the Feast @ 11th Ramadan Buffet at Level 11.
DoubleTree Hilton Ramadan Buffet offers wide variety of food choices and you feel like you had travel the whole world as food from the Eastern, Middle East and much more were offer there.
Fresh Seafood, Mussles and Clams are also there perfect for seafood lovers like me! 
Not to forget, some traditional kuih raare also servedrve there such as Seri Muka, Lemang, Cakar Ayam, Pineapple Tart and more.
Aside from the main attraction for the Ramadhan buffet, the Makan Kitchen area are also open as usual where you can also dine in more food than you can ever imagine. Dessert such as cakes and pudding.
Ice Cream with your own choice of toppers.
Yuhuu! Frozen Yourgut serve fresh for you!
How about some nostalic chips such as kerepek pedas and kerepek ubi? Yums!
Some sliced chicken, turkey, macarel that I like to eat with my favorite salad!
The Chinese Kitchen area! Serve all of your favorit local Chiness food!
They have special hand made noodles that you can try, made freshly infront of you.
Dim Sum, Nasi Ayam and many more!
Not to mention more noodles variation such as Soto and Kari Laksa!
Moving on to the Malay Local food. They have ulams, and traditional gravy to eat with your favorite rice.
Then to the Western area, they have potato salads, stew and chips.
They also have made to order area where you can request for a freshly made Fride Rice and more!
My favorite section! The India Section! They have freshly made Tandori chicken, oooh i', so hungry!. They have nasi tomato and curry sauce.
They have alot of salad variety. I love their smoked salmod salad!
The start menu in the Ramadan Buffet! The Grilled Lamb!
There are more food than you can imagine. Such nice hospitality, friendly chef and relaxing ambiance.

Savor local and Middle Eastern favorites this Ramadan Season at DoubleTree by Hilton Johor Bahru. Let our chefs bring an impressive spread of festive flavors to your table. Be entertained by live music by the lively Ghazal Band while you enjoy the dinner buffet with the family. 

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Feast @ 11th Ramadan Buffet - Level 11
     - Promo date : 5th – 20th  June 2017 | 630pm – 1000pm
     - Adult Price : RM118nett
     - Kids Price : 50% off for kids 5-12,FOC for child below 5
     - You can also get the Early bird promotion (book before May 15) : Buy 8 Free 2
     - Highlights: Seafood on Ice,  Gado-Gado, Live Lah Mien Stall, Braised Short Rib, Live Assam Pedas Stall, Live Soup Stall, Nasi "Kawah" and more
     - Full list of menu: http://bit.ly/2qx9Kac

Festive Flavors Dinner Buffet - Makan Kitchen
      - Promo date : 27th May - 26th June 2017  |  630pm-1000pm
      - Adult Price : RM158.00nett
      - Kids Price : 50% off for kids 5-12, FOC for child below 5
      - Highlights:  Lamb Biryani, Kambing Panggang, Venison Rendang, Tandoori Salmon Tikka, Slipper Lobster, Chili Crab, Baklava, Balah El Sham, Local Raya Delight and more
     - Full list of menu:http://bit.ly/2p8l7oq

For reservations:  +607-268 6868  | JohorBahru.info@hilton.com
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