ABH Modern Renaissance Palette Review

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It took me so long to jump on this bandwagon. This palette has haunted me forever through social media. I could hold myself back, so when it was in stock from a local trusted seller, I just have to get it. Usually, it will be sold out in just a day. Glad I finally have it.This is the most loved eyeshadow palette from most beauty gurus in YouTube for 2016. It is the Modern Renaissance Palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills. Features warm colours that perfect for a natural look and of course warm glam look.
It comes in a suede outer packaging and the inside is cardboard. I like the suede detailing but yeah, it takes a real deal to care for it. I try my best to avoid any stains on it like what I did with my Naked 1 palette. It comes with a dual ended brush which I loooveee! I don't usually like brushes that come with the palette, but this one is the real deal. The blending brush is amazingly useful and works amazingly good.
I had this for a few months now but I don't really go through everything. My favourite go to natural looks shades are on the left side. Golden Ochre, Raw Sienna & Burnt Orange are an amazing transition colour. Vermeer & Primavera area my favourite all over lid colour. Cyprus Umber & Realgar are y favourite outer crease colour.
Beware of fakes one. There are all over the market. Sad thing :(. Overall I really love this palette, the variety of warm colours it has and how super pigmented the shadows are.
Anastasia Beverly Hills products are not in Malaysia yet. I got mine for RM250.00 from trusted seller Beauty Fiks. Her website is - http://www.beautyfiks.com/
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1 comment