Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica by THE FACE SHOP Review

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There is a new thing in the skincare world. CICA is now has been a popular thing in the skincare industry. Cica can help to provide irritated skin a long-term relief by repairing it inside out, which is a technology called Skin Sync Rx™. It is perfect for people who suffer from super dry & sensitive skin. The third line in the Dr Belmeur family! Introducing, Dr Belmeur Advance Cica. The 3 start ingredients are Ceramide, PanthenolCentella Asiatica Extract. Ceramide helps to form a skin barrier to help prevent moisture loss and lock in hydration in the skin. Panthenol, that is also known as Pro-Vitamin B5 helps to give hydration to the skin without giving any irritation to the skin. Centella Asiatica Extract which is also called Tiger Grass acts as an anti-inflammatory and soothing agent. Did you know that tiger will roll themselves on these plant to help treat their wounds? Cool hah! 
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Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica Recovery Serum
(50ml, RM165.00)
This serum said to contains what skin needed the most. It helps to soothe strengthen the skin barrier, regenerate, & firm up the skin. It helps to lock in moisture and improve fine scratches on the skin. The texture of the serum is pretty creamy but still light to the touch. It does not give any greasy feeling and it absorbs nicely on to the skin. I personally love this serum and I use it after toner. I leave my skin feeling plumped and hydrated. Also, the packaging is in a pump tube, I am a big fan of that!
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Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica Recovery Cream
(50ml, RM165.00)
This cream can help to deeply hydrate the skin. Now let's talk about the unique texture of the cream that caught my attention. It looks like a balm and it comes with a scoop for you to use. You only need a little bit of this cause it is a bit greasy to my liking. It comes in a pretty large jar. I love the packaging too, very lab themed haha. This cream helps skin to restore its skin barrier for a more healthier skin. To see better result use this cream with the serum I mentioned. It said that fine scratches are improved 105% and 92% improvement on to the skin after 14 days. This testing was made at the Elled Skin & Bio Research on 20-21 women with sensitive skin.
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Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica Recovery Sheet Mask
(30g, RM18.00)

Of course, never end the weekend with some good pampering. I have been loving using a mask for the past month as sometimes I am not able to properly complete my skincare routine and mask as helped to fix the skin instantly. This is a high-purity Hyaluronic Acid and ultra soothing sheet mask. I got to agree on that, as I put on this mask, it's like doing an ice facial mask. It has an instant cooling effect that soothes and relaxed my skin. This mask is pretty different from the other mask I have tried. Most of the sheet mask is made from a soft cotton sheet, but this mask is made out of a gauze-like sheet that said to hugs the facial contours snugly. Maybe this is my first time trying a mask like this, so I had about 2 minutes struggling to put on this mask trying to fit it on to my face as it is pretty thick. But in term s of the mask performance, I'm loving the soothing and hydration it gives my skin.
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Dr. Belmeur Advance Cica Recovery Hand Cream
(60ml, RM50.00)

The hand needs skin loving too. I have these dry cuticles that sometimes bugs me. This hand cream helps to repair and protect your skin. Gives your skin 24 hours of moisture. Thi cream is scent free so perfect for someone who is looking for a hand cream that has no overpowering fragrance. It comes in a squeeze tube. The texture of the cream is very lightweight and not too thick. All Dr Belmeur skincare are Dermatology tested. they are formulated without major additives that can cause sensitivity to the skin such as synthetic pigments, artificial fragrance, triethanolamine, mineral oil, benzophenone-3, talc and benzoic.

To everyone who has sensitive skin, make sure to not rub your face too hard when using the towel. This can leave sine scratches on to your skin. Avoid using heavily scented detergent/softener when washing your towel which may reach on to your face when patting off your face after washing. It causes your skin to become more dry and fragile. There are a total of line in Dr Belmeur Skicnare. The new one, Advance Cica (for super dry sensitive skin), and the previous two are the Clarifying (for oily & acne problem skin) & Daily Repair (dry skin). I have also reviewed the previous Dr Belmeur line (Daily Repair) before, you can check it out here (link).  

Did you know that there are 48 THE FACE SHOP outlets in Malaysia and the first one is in the Mid Valley Megamall? You can easily get your hands on THE FACE SHOP products basically anywhere or online, links as below.

To find out more about Dr. Belmeur visit: 
 THE FACE SHOP CORPORATE PAGE: www.thefaceshop.my
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 THE FACE SHOP OFFICIAL FB PAGE: www.facebook.com/thefaceshopmalaysia
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