KLCC Sephora Visit & Macaroons!

Macaroons.. Have you ever heard of it? Its a France small cakes that looks like a meringue cookies. Usually they look colorful! that's what makes me so interested on trying it! they look so cute and.. tasty! So i asked my aunt on where i can find these stuff. So she told me that i can find it at Harrods KLCC. So I went there, on my first visit they were sold out. And today on my second visit there, it was still available. They have Raspberry, CoffeeBlueberryPistachios, Chocolate, & Lemon. The price is RM23.00 for 6 pieces. They come in a cute packaging too! If you buy more than 10, they will come with a cute little box! So me and my boyfriend went to the Signature Kitchen (KLCC Food court) and have a taste! The taste really remind me of KUIH RAYA! Kuih Raya is a traditional cookies serve during our Eid Festival if you guys dont know. (Just a lil info ;) ) If i have a nice oven at home i was thinking of making these macaroons in a bite size in different colors and serve it in a glass jar! Perfect for Eid Festival! Im sure the kids would love it!

A mess! haha!

Then, we went to Sephora KLCC. Did not manage to take a picture since there were so many people walking by! So below are the price i can recall!

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Tube - RM75
Urban Decay all 4 kinds Makeup Setting Spray - RM109
Urban Decay Complexion Primer - RM125
Amazing Cosmetic Amazing Concealer 6ml - RM99
Amazing Cosmetic Amazing Concealer 15ml - RM149
Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - RM153
Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free - RM159
Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain - RM80
Too Faced Natural Eye Palette - RM130
Too Faced Smokey Eye Palette - RM130
Sephora Nail Polish - RM21
Sephora Fragrance Spray - RM22/RM21 (Can't really remember)
Sephora Bubble Beads (Heart Shape) - RM3 (So cute! Must check out!)
Make up Forever HD Foundation - RM130
Smashbox Photo Finish Primer - RM159

That's all I can recall! When I do visit again, I will let you know!
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  1. the macaroons at Harrods are nice, esp the passion fruit flavour (yellow). they run out like hot cakes~! :)i've not been to Sephora yet *sigh* hope to visit soon. i love your wish list widget. where did u get it? :D

    1. Is it? Owh! I never tried the passion fruit flavor! Hope when ivisit there again, i get get my hands on that flavor! Hehe! I learn it from website! Try search wishlist widget, or checklist for blogger. Then i combine it with accordian tab menu code... I cant remember the right name... The tab suppose to close and opened when the curson touched it. But i dont know why, the tab keep on open kike that! Haha!

  2. Macarons are just soooo delicious! You should really learn how to make them cause it's a challenging recipe but very rewarding in the end :)


    1. they are so sweeet! and cute looking! I wish i camn make them! hehe!

  3. yes, u better try out passion fruit macaroons. :) yum~