REVIEW : Victoria Secret Tablet Cover Review

Yeah! My package arrived today! How excited I am! I though I am going to receive it around middle July. I bought it from a blog shop who is holding a spree! Yes, I do have sell some Victoria Secret Items in my store, but I only sells body care items. Do check out too yeah! <3 . It retails at 29.50 Us Dollar in the website, and I bought from her shop and cost me RM238.00 plus shipping.

Yeap, quite pricey, but what to be argue about. Pay it as a token of her effort in business. And her customer service if very excellent ! Wanna check out her store click here!I don't mind, because I have experience it my self. Anyway, price for iPad case in Apple store also cost around RM150-RM200+. 

So here is the ra-ra-ra-view! In the description says, it fits any standard iPad. So it is actually for iPad 1 I guess. But mine fit nicely, and it does not cover the camera lens in the front. What I like about it is that it have a pocket so i can put in any notes or paper stuff there and it have a stylus holder! I am on my way buying the stylus holder. So it will be handy for me to write or draw on my iPad. Packaging, overall I give 5 star! I love the leopard metallic details on it! And some picture of the Victoria Secret model on the inside. It also have a magnetic closure. Well, I can get of my eyes staring at it! So below are some picture that you guys can have a look at it! At last my baby is not naked anymore!!! LOL!

by PosLaju

The Packaging

Front Close-Up


Inside Close Up. Is that Adriana Lima? <3

My Baby wearing it

And it turns on...

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