DIY & TIPS: Handmade Accessory Holder

During my holiday in Johor, I was thinking of buying those earring/headband/jewelry holder just like shop usually have. Then i browse through Youtube collective videos. I thought that maybe i should make one! Anyway, i can save yet have all accessory all in one place as I wanted. So i go through old items in my room and found this old unused frame my dad bought for me during his visit in IKEA Damansara. I use used fence "cover" thingy that use to cover the door avoiding my cat from going out through the door holes and a piece of Felt Baize Craft Fabric (Fuzzy fabric that can easily cut just like a paper) that i bought at Art Fried, The Gardens Mid Valley. There are other option such as used cloth for example unused scarf maybe? :)Then i paste it with a strong hot glue and nail it at the back of the frame. Then i paste some ordinary wall hooks on the frame for hanging items. Below are the picture for you guys to have some visual ideas... :) I wanted to record i, unfortunately my camera was out of battery. :(

Can/t wait to fill it up! :)

Pins, studded earring and hook earring can be pin on the fabric. 

You can hang any thing here... Including your necklace too.

This is the view from the back. The hooks and pins were put through the fabric. The net just an option to give more support.

Thas all, I hope you guys have some more idea after this! Good Luck!!! <3
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  1. MAN!!!!! you are so damn creative!!!! LOVE THE HOLDER! and its my fav color too!!! but too bad I dont have hot glue :( I'll try something else...

    1. Haha! Thanks nicole! Everyone can make it..its so easy... Mayb hard glue would work...the one use to stick woods or other hard items... 'gam gajah' i think would work to... Good luck nicole! If you have made ot! Do post ot! I want to see it too! <3