NEWS: Upcoming brush from Sigma! Excited!

I heard that Sigma will come out with a new brush! What I'm excited about is that I have been looking for this kind of brush for so long! My first Sigma purchase was the Sigma Buffer - F45 & the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki - F80 . It was AMAZING! I love those brushes... And the delivery was unbelievable... I receive it like 4-5 days after ordered it. So that day, browsing through some blog i saw Elixelle's Beauty Blog posted about it. Its about Sigma would come out a new brush just like the Sigmax Sigma Brushes but in smaller sizes! I love that idea! Below are the picture. They are called the Precision Sigmax Kit.

Picture credit to : Simone

I think it would be perfect for small areas like the under eye. Owh! My wishlist is expanding again! I'm still saving money for the Brush Kits! I would love to have the Make me Classy Brush Kit and some other items in Sigma Website! I love Sigma product, they have AMAZING ideas! And I saw this Image Link in their website... 

hm...I'm wondering what would it be... <3

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