Ice Cream flavored Lip Balm


Packaging : 3.5 / 5
Cute! Who does not love candy theme packaging! Maybe quite tacky for some people, but I just love to own cute stuff like this. All 3 scent available have different packaging. But due to hygiene, you need to dip yourself for some product. 

Scent : 3 / 5
Yummy scent, not to overpowering. Fun to smell not to eat ok people.

Moisturizing power : 4 / 5
Very moisturizing. A lil bit greasy but I kinda like it. It tends to last longer.

Price : 5 / 5
RM8.90 (Correct me again if Im wrong. What can I say, the price is awesomeness.

Overall : 3.9 / 5
This lipbalm is quite good. It can be a collectible items for lip balm fans out there. Me my self love to collect cute packaging lip balm. This lip balm is really fun. It have a lil tint of color. I love the yummy scent while applying it. Sometimes I tend to lick my lips. Oh My...

They have 3 scent to choose from! This product have been sent to me for free. There are 100% hinest opinion. Thank you SilkyGirl Malaysia!

Do you like flavored ice cream lip balm? What is it?
I love to hear from you
Lots of love, Till then!
The name is Bond. Just Kidding. Still Sabrina. ♪(´*)

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