Let's Get Real with SAMPAR Ultra Hydrating Fluid & Glamour Shot Eyes

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Let get real people! Introducing SAMPAR, a brand from France that just arrive to our shore! This brand have been know by people around the world including top notch celebrities. I was give a few samples of their product. Today I'm gonna share with you guys some of my favorite from this brand. Yes. It is a real performance skincare product. I'm just amazed.

The first one is called the Ultra Hydrating Fluid. It is under the Essential line in SAMPAR collection. The one I receive is a sample. So this is not the actual bottle of it. All product link will be listed below. So this acts like a moisturizer. What makes this product so special? It perform instantly! My nose area have been dry for quite sometime during the fasting month. There's this flaky skin come off my nose area. So I used this product as my 3rd skincare step (as a moisturizer)  . How am I surprise, my skin hydrate up instantly! Those flaky skin just instantly vanish! I did have a picture of before & after, because since I use this product, I have not experience dryness around my skin. As I apply, it does feels a lil bit sticky and greasy, but as it absorbed, I can totally feel freshness on my face! It is just love!

 The second favorite product from SAMPAR is the Glamour Shot Eye. I kinda like the texture of it but not the feeling of it. I like eye cream product that have this cooling effect when you apply it. But stilll, this product have been my favorite because of the layer texture it gave me. It is such a good base for makeup especially when im applying under eye concealer. I will give this a verdict after I get my hands on full size product next time. And this product have been one of the best seller in SAMPAR.

Where can I buy SAMPAR product in Malaysia?

You can go to Sampar Paris first counter @ Parkson Sunway Pyramid

or buy them online at - http://sampar.my
Here's the link for the product I mention -

Ultra Hydrating Fluid (50ml) RM276 

Glamour Shot Eyes (10ml) RM126

Visit their Facebook Fanpage for updates and promotion ok! <3

Thank you Sampar Malaysia for all the samples! I would love to try more of their product!

Have you tried Sampar products? Would you go and check it out?
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