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Hello lovely readers! How are you guys today! Yadah yadah yadah! Yep! A new skincare line have arrive here in Malaysia. Fly all the way from Korea! It was bought by Stage Malaysia. Last Saturday, I was invited to a Blogger event for the launching. An introduction to Yadah skincare. It was held aItallianies , Paradigm Mall in Petaling Jaya. It was my first time going there! I suppose to come 15min early before the event starts as stated in the mail, but since its Ramadan, and I'm fasting, i could not enjoy the food that was serve during the event. Oh well! Hehe! Its ok! Well get back to the event. Let me introduce to you about Yadah Skincare. The name is pretty fun does it! So basically, this little girl name Yadah represent this skincare like. She represent the skincare as a fun, brilliant girl like her. Right now, Yadah offers a simple steps of skincare regime product. I really like it, the steps are easy to understand and not too complicated. Just perfect for young adults and teenagers! They have from facial foam cleanser,hair shampoo,toner,essence, face mist, bb cream, sun cream, hand cream and some cute accessories bag.

"Yadah is a range of botanical skincare products for teens and young adults formulated with natural plant extracts like essential oils, floral water, barks and traditional herbs etc. that works in perfect harmony with the skin. The gentle yet effective formulas are 100% free from artificial colouring, preservatives, mineral oil, and sulphate and do not contain animal extracts of any kind. They are most suitable for young skin as this particular age range have more tender skin that is more vulnerable to harsh chemicals.

The unique key ingredient found in all Yadah products is the native Opuntia Ficus extract, a unique cactus species organically grown and cultivated in Korea. Opuntia Ficus is known for its strong anti-inflammatory and high potent antioxidant properties which help neutralise free radicals harmful to the skin. Cactus is one of the few rare plants that can survive extreme weather conditions from the scorching hot barren sands to the freezing harsh winters in the deserts because of its unique ability to reduce water loss and it is for this very reason that it is able to prevent water evaporation from the epidermis and acts as a natural moisturiser to keep skin soft and hydrated both indoors and outdoors.

All Yadah products are certified by the Korean FDA and are formulated to be hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic with a mixture of botanical ingredients that are natural, organic and some with *Ecocert authentication. They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and troubled ones especially for teenagers and young adults.

To protect the environment as well as the skin of the young, Yadah will continuously strive to research and develop innovative skincare and beauty products sourced from the world of nature that is of premium quality in terms of formulation and design. "

So basically, Yadah is a botanical skincare product that DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY ANIMAL EXTRACT! So for Muslim users, it is certainly Halal!

As I arrived in the restaurant, there were these cute boxes lining up on the table! I'm guessing that must be some goodies we can bring home! How am i excited for it! The team line up all Yadah product on the table for us to try them! It was fun! I cant stop smelling those scent came from every bottle! its is so refreshing and nice! Of course I was excited to try theor bb cream! love it, they came in this cute pink tube bottle, Yadah offers two shades of it. At the 7th picture below, Look at those foods! Hehe, it was very tempting... especially when food are serve like that.

Look at what I bring home! Lots of stuff! Will do a review soon as possible after i try them! Really love the cleanser! I had a great time there! I meet Traclyn Yeoh from La Vouge Femme! I love her YT videos!  Sorry for such a bad quality photos. My camera could not capture a nice shot with lack of lighting. I meet Jynn a guest blogger for Plus Size Kitten & a make up artist! She is such a sweetie. She help me alot with pictures. Her photography skills are awesome. What make me tempted is shes using a Sony Nex Camera which i have been dying to have. Oh Sony Malaysia, when are you going to call up the winner for the Ultimate F3 Nex contest! Haha! Wish me luck!

Oh well that's all, do check out Yadah Facebook page ok! What i can say about this brand is, it is a really good skincare like for young teens and young adult! This skincare really represent the younth and simplicity yet efficient product for these age range!

Where to buy Yadah products?
You can purchase them at any Stage Asia outlets
Online at zalora.com.my

YADAH Skincare Facebook
Lots of love,
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