Yadah Bubble Deep Cleanser Review


Hello lovelies readers! Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you! Today I am going to review something that I have been loving this week. I got this product in an event that i have attend. I blog about it in my last post. As you all know, Yadah is a new skincare that just arrived Malaysia. It is from Korea, and it is know as a botanical skincare products for teens and young adults.
You can buy this at any Stage Asia counters and Zalora.com.my.

What Yadah claims for this product :
Its gentle bubble foams instantly, gently and effectively cleanses away all impurities, excess sebum and makeup remnants in just one wash, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, beautiful and soft!

This cleanser that I have been loving is called Bubble Deep Cleanser. It comes in a white sturdy plastic tube with a hight quality pump. I really love the pump. So here are my rates :

Packaging : 5 / 5
Very sturdy and quality plastic bottle. The control of the pump is very good. Cute Yadah on the packaging sure lift up your morning routine!

Cleansing power : 4.5/5
Best foam ever try! So soft and lather up so goood! Its foams up to a very nice thickness that gives up a good cleansing feeling. Removes my foundation really well. Does not really removes waterproof makeup. Remove them first okay!

Scent : 5/5
It has this citrus kinda smell that I love!

Price : 3/5
RM49 per bottle. Some might say the price is quite expensive. But I think its worth the money. RM49 for 150ml cleanser that foam up and lather so good!

Overall : 4.4/5
From my opinion this would be the perfect gentle cleanser that really performs. I find that my blemishes are slightly reduce. I love touching the foam! It reminds me of soft marshmallow! I wish I can eat it.

Do you own any Yadah product?  Have you tried this one?
Love to hear your feedback!

Lots of love! Till next time!
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  1. great review sabrina ^_^ i'm definitely gonna give it a try :D

  2. would definitely buy some bottles when i go to malaysia later!!

    have a nice day and happy fasting sabrina ^^

    1. Come back here to Malaysia and shop! :D
      Thank you so much for the wish! so thoughtful of you!

  3. so geram lah when i looked at the fluffy bubbles tu

  4. this looks soo fun and bubbly *_*


  5. Hi.. Rina singgah sini.. Hee :D

    Btw, u looks cute la.. COmil!!~ :D

  6. so much fun!! hahah
    hi i like your blog!!
    if you don't mind check out my blog and follow me if you like
    i'll follow you


    1. followed you dear! your photo blog are so creative!

  7. Can we have a look at the ingredients list?