SilkyGirl Moisture Shine Lipstick Full Shade Swatch & Review


Packaging : 2/5
You know how i am freak about product packaging right. Hehe. The packaging is quite nice, but I love different color packaging especially on colored cosmetic. Easy to differentiated. But still, the sticker at the bottom does help. 

Scent : 4/5
There is no single absent of scent actually. Sometimes I do prefer un-scented lipstick. Some scented lipstick tend to give me this dizzy feeling. It is just perfect!

Texture : 4/5
I love how it is not that creamy feeling like the Nyx Round lipstick. Which give this thick texture or layer to your lip. It glides smoothly. Reminds me of the Revlon Lip butter but this one is not that sheer.

Pigmentation : 3/5
The color is not that pigmented. It is not that build able either. This best suite to some one whole like sheer nice shine to the lip. Most of the shades have a lil sparkle. Non of them are matte shade.

Price : 5/5
Awesome price. Hands down. Silkygirl product always have the best product and price. Affordable! Each are selling at RM14.90. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

Overall : 3.6/5
Overall I think this is quite a nice product for everyday casual use. I really love it because it is un-scented. Lots of color option, 8 shades in total for this line.

This product have been sent to me for free. All opinion are 100% honest. 

I really need a good camera. Sorry for such a bad quality photos. will improve next time!
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Have you own this lipstick? Which shade are you intrested in?
Sabrina na na na na!

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  1. These look really pretty!I particularly like Spicy Brown.

  2. deep plum looks fab! Thanks for the review sab! <3 silkygirl is getting better each day and their blusher is one of the ones that i wanna try from that brand. Tapi tak tahu kenapa each time lalu i mesti passed up. haha

    1. nice kan! but i dont think my yellow skin tone suits that color...
      the blusher are pretty awesome. i hope they will come out with more color shade with cute packaging! :D

  3. wow I didn't know they have those :D I need to check my nearest Silkygirl stand :p

  4. wow, untung la sab ada semua shade dgn free. if beli semua, mau ratus juga. lucky u, dear. saya cuma ada simply nude(04) je. ni lipstick Silky Girl jenis MOISTURE SHINE. maknanya semua shine takde jenis matte. hehe.. bagi saya, warnanya cantik tapi saya lebih prefer kpd Silky Girl MOISTURE RICH. yg silver packaging tu.

    1. eh syg! jgn salah faham... i dpt satu je... hehe... i curi2 swatch semua shade tu dlm watson tu sendiri pastu amik gambar.....(shhh!) hehe...

      betul! i pun suka yg silver packaging tu. lebih pigmented.

    2. bwahahahaha...ingatkan semua shade kena bg free. sikit lagi nak minta pass 1 lipstick. hehehe... ok2..syhhh!! lalalala...

    3. insyaAllah ada rezeki sab buat giveaway! ;)

    4. AMIN...ada tu. nanti saya la antara yg t'awal join. hehe..^___^