Botox that you can drink to get that Korean skin!?


Salam Awal Muharram to all my Muslim readers!
Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all of you! I hope you are doing fine today! Again, to warn you guys, I am super busy this week, will reply your comments pretty soon! Today I am going to share with you a very exciting product! I have been searching this type of product for such a long long time! Its a collagen drink infuse with good stuff that is so easy to make and taste so good! Its the Lamor 2 Collagen drink! What makes it more better is to all my Muslim readers, you don't have to worry! Its totally Halal! Because to me and all of my Muslim concern, we can consume product that is not Halal. Especially in the understanding of the collagen sources come from. Most collagen are taken from animal bones that may be come from pork. But Lamor 2 is made out fish collagen infuse with Silk Amino Acid, Vitamin C, and HA Powder! When these ingredient are mix together they become a better and more "powerful" towards your skin health! Bergabung!  It taste so good too! It is mix with a Blackberry powder and Cranberry! Yum!

I have consume this collagen drink since Monday. All I can say is these is not much differences yet to my skin, but I realize that I am more energize and pssssttt~ my urine color is not yellowish anymore, WHICH IS A SIGN OF GOOD HEALTH! I still need a time to see the result. Don't worry, I will give my verdict post after I consume all if the sachets. 

Suggestion Dosage are 1 per day in the morning before any meal. Don't use hot or warm water as it will break the collagen goodness! You can consume 2 sachets per day alternately if you want more. But it is recommend to people who wanna treat their skin especially acne prone skin.

Each box contains 15 sachets x 10g. Each box cost RM180.
If you wanna purchase you can contact me at 
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Valerie - 019 234 1881

Go to
for more information!

Do you consume skin supplement? What are they?
Hugs and kisses

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  1. teringin nak beli Lamor2 tapi berfikir 2x. sab try ok tak? ada hasil?

  2. Sounds like an interesting product, I'll be looking forward to your final review later on of course :)

  3. omg i love blackcurrant! tastes good while giving you better skin? win!

  4. from what age is suitable for this product

  5. Very interesting! Nice post :) Please check out my blog for a new giveaway!

  6. macam menarik je collagen drinks ni :)

    1. wait for the verdict post! <3 currently loving it!

  7. interesting.. how much is the price?