Yummy Red Velvet Cupcakes by Sweet Tooth Ville


Assalamulaikum & Hello babes! Remember the last Silkygirl event I went last few weeks? Read it here - CLICK ME! I won the decorating cupcake in the event and I won some hampers and a cupcake voucher! At last i got my hands on my cupcakes! I am so excited as my favorite cakes are red velvet. I am not a cupcake eater actually, but red velvet is no option. Cheese frosting... Oh... <3

I requested a pink glitter ribbon cupcake! I got the inspiration from a picture in Pinterest! hehe! The red velvet cupcake is divinely yummy! Its so pretty too! The 3 thing in the 6th picture is called Cake push pops! they are their signature product! Its kinda fun! You have to push it upwards to eat it! Does the Rainbow ones looks lovely? <3 Cupcakes with fondant cost around RM4.80, the cake push pops for Choc Ganache & Carrot flavor is RM5.50 and the Rainbow with lemon frosting is RM6.

Oh ya, I took those pictures above in my bf car. The cupcakes are melting, so gotta eat fast! hehe....

If you are interested find out more here - 

What is your favorite cupcakes? What decorating style you would like to have for your cupcake?

Hugs and kisses

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