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Assalamualaikum & Hello to all! I am gonna share this new range hair care product from Sunsilk! What I got is the Nourishing Soft & Smooth by Thomas Taw, a hair care expert. I guess you guys saw him in the ads in TV right... hehe... This range was created to combat dry hair and damage hair. Dry hair are cause by internal causes while damage hair are cause by external causes. Internal causes are by Genetics, Aging, and Poor diet. That why you can see baby hair a super smooth and fluffy! So jelly.... While external causes are from heat, physical, chemical, sun and water.

In this rage they have 4 different types of hair product that you can use step by step, they are :

  Step 1 Nourishing Soft & Smooth Shampoo - RM7.50 (160ml)
The first step to caring for your mane begins with the shampoo. Lather, rinse and repeat are three simple steps to remember when using the shampoo, which cleanses and softens dry hair.

Step 2 Nourishing Soft & Smooth Conditioner - RM7.50 (160ml)
Apply the conditioner from mid hair length all the way to your ends and rinse. This conditioner locks in moisture while smoothing cuticles and replenishing nutrients and proteins in the hair fibre. It also detangles and makes hair silky and soft.

Step 3 Intensive Treatment Mask - RM 11.80
Massage this mask through your hair, leave it on for five minutes and rinse through. This intensive treatment mask should be used at least once a week for a deeply nourishing treat. It penetrates and restore each hair strand, leaving it soft and smooth.

Step 4 Nourishing Spray - RM17.80 (150ml)
The nourishing spray which is infused with a combination of Moroccan Argan Oil and Babassu Oil with moisturising cream gives you soft and smooth hair in just two steps. Two shakes, to mix together the nourishing layers and Two sprays on wet or dry hair, to give you instant moisture.

What is so special about this range is the natural oils it is infuse with it -

Moroccan Argan Oil
Or ‘liquid gold’, is rich in anti-oxidants and said to contain twice as much vitamin E as olive oil – and leaves a lovely light feeling. The trees that produce it are so precious they’re protected by the United Nations

Camellia Oil
The darling of the beauty industry for enhancing hair shine, it’s sourced from wild Camellia flowers in China and Japan. It was famous among ladies of the Imperial Court for its ability to revitalize hair with a deep glow

Almond Oil
Packed with lipid and vitamin E, it nourishes the hair and gives increased elasticity. Also moisturizes the scalp and prevents hair becoming dry and brittle

Babassu Oil
The oil of the Brazilian Babassu palm moisturizes both scalp and hair for a soft look and weightless feel. It’s a natural conditioner – local women love it because it’s absorbed into the hair and leaves no residue

Coconut Oil
Traditionally used to repair damage to skin and hair. Contains a compound called lauric acid – it provides nourishment for hair while creating a weightless protective barrier that retains moisture and gives long-lasting suppleness

My hair is not that pretty but here some tips I would like to share! It works for me! I find it very helpful for me to achieve good result in good hair care products in just 1-2 use of it. 

My tips
When shampoo your hair, make sure your hair is wet. Avoid pouring the shampoo directly to your hair then massage. Try to put it on your palm first, spread it out and gently massage in your hair scalp until it foams. Massage your head while shampoo is the best way to distress your blood circulation and remove all dirt in your scalp. Then try to let out all water excess from your hair before using conditioner. DON'T! Let your conditioner touches your scalp. it causes dandruff. then let it for 1-2 minutes. Pat dry your hair, while its still damp, apply the hair mask. leave it to 1-2 minutes and rinse it off. IF POSSIBLE! DON'T use hair dryer to dry your hair, try to gently massage your hair with a clean towel and naturally dry it with room temperature. This will help your hair from damage. :)

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What is your favorite oils for skin?
Hugs and kisses

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