October 2012 Favorites


How you guys been doing? How October so far? Great?! Awesome! So here is my monty favorite for the previous awesome October! 

1. Nivea Creme 60ml ( RM4.90+ )
I don't say its the best Hand cream ever, but lately I have been using it and stash it in my bag quite frequenlty. Love the smell and moisture it gives me. The packaging is quite classic!

2. SRM SERUM Pore Congestion Mask ( RM350+ )
I have recently reviewed it here. Love how its feels on my skin so much! It kinda heals my pores a bit. Its a luxury feeling when applying it. Just love it! Although its smells like toothpaste!

3. Watsons Fresh Baby Wipes ( RM5.90+ for 3 packets )
Of all above favorites, this is the most favorite of this month! A new discovery. I was thinking of getting a clarasonic, but its totally out of my budget. I want the clarasonic because i want something to help me really removes all of my makeup and residue off my face. I find using cleanser alone wont help to really clean my face. You can really see it when you are applying toner with cotton pad. You can see a lil foundation on the cotton pad. That means the makeup on your face is not fully complete removed, resulting cakey face the next day you applying makeup, worse - pimple will grow because of clog pores. So I use this as a dupe/afforable way for removing my makeup. Firstly I will use my eye & makeup remover wipes to remove high intense pigmented makeup, then I add a lil of extra virgin olive oil to the baby wipes and remove all the dirt on my entire face and neck! I feel so clean even before cleanse routine. Then I continue to the basic next step, cleanse as usual. I found that my skin is much more improve and applying liquid foundation is at ease! Super cheap leh!

4. Maybelline Mineral Pure Concealer ( RM19.90 )
I ran out of concealer, as this caught my eye at Watsons. Didn't expect much at first but the it is the best liquid concealer (after my first favorite ZA liquid concealer)! Its highly pigmented and cover my dark eye circle perfectly! Easy to use and its very affordable!

5. Silkygirl Big Eye Collagen Mascara ( RM22.90 )
Another recommend mascara for you out there want a spidery long lash! Easy to use and long lasting! Review is up this month! Its scheduled! ;)

6. Silkygirl Hope Eau De Toilette Perfume
I got this during the Silkygirl event I went a few weeks ago. I just love the bottle design, its looks very expensive tho... Haha! I find my self using it ever since. Love it!

Well that's all ladies! I have pick up the small giveaway winner! Do check the previous post! <3 Oh yeah! Check out my Pinterest! Been addicted to it since last month! Thank you so much for reading! Have a very very great day ahead! May Allah bless! Oh yes! A picture of my lovely Tubbie. He is my cat. He lives with my parent back in my hometown. He is sure getting fatter and bigger! Happy November!

Lots of love,

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