Beauty People Gangster Eye Set Pouch 02 Review

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This pouch is dope! How exclusive this eye pencil set looks like. It is from a Korean brand called Beauty People. I got this Limited Edition Pouch in No. 02. It has another version which consist of a more smokey color shades, meanwhile this has more of a natural brown tone gel liner. The pouch comes with a mirror inside and in this set it contains 5 versatile gel liner that can be use as an eyeliner, eyeshadow or even eye base. You can remove the "red based" in this pouch to use the pouch as a makeup bag.
This set is recommend for beginners and even professionals. Each gel liner comes with a sharpener and a built in brush for smudging purposes. Although it comes with a sharpener, this gel liner is actual a retractable type eye pencil. The sharpener is for you to make the tip much more pointed and sharper. The gel liner is super smooth and pigmented, except for the color Glow Pure, its a bit patchy and less pigmented. Here are the swatches for all of the gel liners. My favorite has to be glow copper and even though glow pure is less pigmented, I still have the shade. Perfect for inner corner highlight and bottom lid shadow for that brighter and bigger eye effect.
This Eye Set Pouch is a limited edition collection from Beauty People. Check out The Muse Store for more beauty products too! -

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