Sudio VASA BLÅ in Rose Gold White Review

My second review to this cool earphone from a brand called Sudio. This time it came out with a wireless series where it connect to your phone bluetooth for that tangle free experience haha. You know how annoying earphones can be when it comes to its wires. I pick up my self in the color option, White Rose Gold. Of course, it is like my favorite color combination! The Sudio VASA BLA comes in this really sleek packaging. Let see what is in the box.
As you open it, it contains 2 box. The one on top is the earphone and the leather case and manual on the bigger bottom box.
You can store this earphone in the leather case that also comes with the same color as the earphone. I find that this case is very convenient and helps to protect and keep your bag neat. The Sudio VASA BLA earphone comes with a charger, as this earphone is wireless, you will need to charge it. I find that the baterry does not run out that fast which is really great. You can charge this through your laptop or of you have an extra USB plug head, you can also charge it directly to the power point.
The buttons are located on the middle part, that is also the charging port hole located. It has a simple, user friendly design that is really neat and I really love how it looks like. It also comes with a few other ear plug size to fit your own comfortable experience when using it. You can use the rose gold pin to attach this earphone on your shirt.
To connect, simply press hold on the "+" button until blue light appears and then red light will start blinking and it means bluetooth pairing is now discoverable through your phone (don't forget to turn on your bluetooth too). Simply select the Sudio VASA BLA signal and it is now ready to be use.

The Sudio VASA BLA also comes in other colors option such as Pink, Black Rose Gold and Blue. More info click here -

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  1. What a great review!♡ rose gold is just a purrfect colour♥♥ hope to join the giveaway but I dont active at all on instagram. Just seeing the pics make my day☆♪♪

  2. yeah..dah join giveaway..harap2 ada rezeki :)