Pinita Colada by The Body Shop Review

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It sounds so cheeky but I think it is inspired by a drink called Piña Colada. As I looked at these body care range it totally reminds me of a summer vibe by the beach with hats on and a coconut drink on your hand. Hehe. Well, I did get the chance to experience that at the moment so why not experience it in during my shower? During my weekends during the day, to help makes me feel happy and refreshed I go for these sweet scented body care from The Body Shop. 

First is this Pinita Colada Body Scrub, as you all know, I love love love body scrub. It is blended with real shredded coconut as an exfoliator. Sweet tropical scents that is not overpowering and it is refreshing. It helps makes my skin smoother and of course get all of the dead skin cells away. The scrub is soft and fine, not too rough and does feels good when massage it in to my skin. Then I go for the Shower gel, the Pinita Colada Shower Gel which only retails for RM35.00! It has the same sweet tropical scent just like the scrub. This lathers pretty well and of course, I feels so refreshed after using this. Puts me into a good mood with the scent! Then introducing to this pretty cool product called the Pinita Colada Body Sorbet, it is just like a body lotion but has a more frosted texture. Keeps your skin hydrated all day long. Pretty light weight and pretty easy to massage it into my skin.

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1 comment