My 21 Days Of Confidence Experience

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I experience a major lack of confidence after giving birth to my first son. One of the significant changes in me is my body and I realize that y hair has weaken and become dry. Even thought I wear hijab, I still take serious care for my hair. After I gave birth I experience major hair loss. My hair can easily coming out even if I coming out gently with my fingers. Hair everywhere in my house and I could not stand it so I cut my hair medium short. Still, during shower hair everywhere on the bathroom floor. I have lack of confidence in front of my husband. I used to have long thick shiny locks but now my hair is dry and weakens. So I find a solution. I saw these 21 days of confidence challenge and it’s a kit where it has all of the products I need to help with my current hair problem. They also have a 20% promotion so I sign in instantly. This is my experience and review using BioTHIK products for 21 days. Here are the full set that I got contains the entire product from cleansing, conditioning, repairing and more.
With easy 3 simple steps to follow called the tri active system - Cleanse, Recovery & Care. It helps to keep scalp in optimal condition to revitalize stronger re-growths. Hair loss also cause by premature & lack of nutrients. I think this is because that I'm fully breast feed my baby boy and we "share" nutrients. With this Tri-Active System it helps to give my hair scalp natural nutrients to generate stronger hair.

The Products
First is ACTIVE CLEANSE, this BioTHIK® Active Protein Keratinized Cleanser is a gentle daily scalp cleanser that has fruit acid  and carob tree oligopeptides that is suitable for any scalp type. It BioTHIK® Active Protein Keratinized Conditioner will removes all excess sebum and helps to increase Hairbreaking force by 40.9%. Also it will help to keep your hair soft & moisturize. After cleanse continue with the BioTHIK® Active Protein Keratinized Conditioner. This conditioner is enriched with Mongongo Oil that has antioxidant and UV protection properties suitable for all hair type. This helps to protect your hair from heat styling and hair drying too.
Step 2, the ACTIVE RECOVERY. It has 2 variance. One is for men & one if for Female. I give the BioTHIK® Active Folliplus Factor - For Him to my husband and he loves it! The one I am showing you here is the BioTHIK® Active Folliplus Factor - For Her. It helps to slow down the aging follicles in Female Pattern Baldness. It contains apple stem cell extract and pea sprout extract that helps to fight against hair follicle aging process. I love how it comes with the pump with the ml measurement. You will need 3-5ml of this, massage it on your dry hair scalp.
Lastly is the ACTIVE CARE. Use both products together. The BioTHIK® Active Fiber Locking Mist will help lock the fiber application from the BioTHIK® Active Hair Building Fiber. It will last longer through wind and sweat. The BioTHIK® Active Hair Building Fiber will help to build volume in just 30 seconds. It comes in many types of hair colour to match your hair colour. It is made with 100% natural keratin fiber. So this will help to cover sparse area on your head.

My 21 days experience
I started my 1st day on the 1st of September. I cleanse my hair like I normally do. I am using the BioTHIK® Active Protein Keratinized Cleanser & BioTHIK® Active Protein Keratinized Conditioner. I experience that the cleanser really leaves my hair scalp feeling fresh and clean. The conditioner also gives a boost of moisture to my hair. 
I cleanse my hair 1-2 times a week. But every night and during the morning when my hair is dry I will apply the BioTHIK® Active Folliplus Factor - For Her. I pump out 3-5ml of this product, the ml indicator on the pump pipe make it easy for me to measure out the amount I need. I massage it on to my scalp and just let it dry. At first day when I use this I felt a tingling sensation on my scalp. Then for the first week, my hair still coming out but I could say lesser than before. After 1 week I still continue the routine where on a few days in the week I will cleanse & condition my hair and every single day use the BioTHIK® Active Folliplus Factor - For Her.
I rarely use the BioTHIK® Active Fiber Locking Mist & BioTHIK® Active Hair Building Fiber as I am wearing hijab but I tried this on my fore head area and this does looks like real hair. It helps to make hair look much thicker and fuller. It is easy to remove during shower too. On the second week (14th days) I realize that my hair is not dry as before, when I comb my hair through with my finger, lesser hair coming out. I felt happy and really loving the Biothik range now! Moving on for a few more days to complete the 21 days of confidence.
Today reach the 21st day of the confidence challenge. I honestly say this; I’m so happy I find a solution to my hair problem. There is still a few hair strands coming out when I comb my hair, but not majorly worst like before. I find that my hair is much stronger, and not dry. I'm so happy!
I really recommend this hair care set if you have hair loss problem like me, and posting this up as soon as I can so you guys can also get the 20% promotion deal to these awesome worth trying products. Check the link below:
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