Dreamy Bedroom


Today Im gonna feast you guys with nice bedroom styles, from my favorite happy place called IKEA! Who doesn't love that place. The smell of the furniture! don't forget the meatballs gave me this positive vibe on what  you can achieve more than you ever dream of a beautiful and inspirational life! I love organization tips, videos blogs especially for bedroom. White furniture with soft pastel bedding are the best! I love bedroom with large windows! I love how the sunlight appears in the morning when I wake up. Ahh~~ how great is that! I once told my bf that our future house will be filled with Ikea stuff. ha ha.  I have not posted much about beauty stuff lately... Currently still trying new stuff to be reviewed... Talk to you guys later! Love ya!

**all pictures are taken from Ikea Malaysia official website and 100% credited to them. I am no way sponsor for this post.

Visit Ikea Malaysia - ikea.com.my

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What's style of bedroom you like? What's your favorite furniture store?
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