First Acne Scare & Dark Marks Gel in Malaysia Launch


Gracing the Hiruscar Post Acne Launch are Executive Brand Manager, DKSH Thailand Poraweeya Waisaya, Assistant Product Manager, DKSH Malaysia Desryne Heng, Senior Product Manager, DKSH Malaysia Ng May Lee, Vice President Business Unit Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia Marc Franck, Celebrity Blogger Careen Tan, Cheerleader Esther Erin Wong, Medinova AG Regional OTC Marketing Director Pamela Tan, Professional Dancer Cecilia Yong, Models Fiqa Liyana Chong and David Lian. 
Gracing the Hiruscar Post Acne Launch are Celebrity Blogger Careen Tan, Executive Brand Manager, DKSH Thailand Poraweeya Waisaya, Medinova AG Regional OTC Marketing Director Pamela Tan, and Cheerleader Esther Erin Wong.
Gracing the Hiruscar Post Acne Launch are Medinova AG Regional OTC Marketing Director Pamela Tan and Vice President Business Unit Healthcare, DKSH Malaysia Marc Franck.

Assalamulaikum & a very good friday to all! Last Wednesday I have been invited to a press realese of a all new product that have been rave in Thailand 2 years ago. I was very excited with this product because I was looking for such product years ago. None of them complete what I want. The event was launch at Sunway Giza Full house. Together with a few ambasador representing this product. I meet Careen Tan, a celebrity blogger ( and also a addidas neo ambasador. She is so charming! I meet a cute cheerleader called Esther, she is 16 years old. She is a true cheerleader. She is just so cute and smiles! Owh, how bring back memories a few years ago when i was a cheerleader... ♪(´*)ノ Then I meet Fiqa Liyana Chong, a model & actress, Cecelia Yong, winner of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia! and lastlt, David Lian Mr World Malaysia. They are given this product earlier and they gave out their testimonials about this product. Let's hear what some of them says - 

Careen Tan, 23 (Celebrity Blogger)
"Hiruscar® is defiantly a miracle worker for me as I am really particular about my skin. It lessens the visibility of acne scar effortlessly. Ever since I have discovered  Hiruscar® Post Acne, I don't freak out anymore on bad skin days when I get breakouts as I now know that acne scar on my face can be quickly resolved. I just have to apply the gel on the scar spot and watch it heal. It is amazing and defiantly a great confidence booster!"

Nur Afiqah Liyana Binti Hazrin Chong, 22 (Model & Actress)
"Ever since I discovered Hiruscar® Post Acne, it has helped ease my life especially on those nights when beauty sleep was sacrificed. I don't need to worry about pimples appearing days before photo shoot as the gel is able to work wonders on my acne scars in just a short period of time"

Ester Erin Wong, 16 (Cheerleader from Vulcanz All-Girls)
"Even with good skincare regime, I cannot escape from acne scars once the acne is healed. This is when Hiruscar® Post Acne saves me! The amazing gel has made it possible for my scars to fade away within only a few weeks of use! The price is reasonable ans it is easy to apply. I can cheer with so much confidence now, thanks to Hiruscar® Post Acne."

Cecelia Yong, 25 (Professional Dancer)
"Nevertheless, pimples come and go but the scar of the pimple sometimes may remain as a mark not only for a few days, but weeks, and sometime even month. But now with Hiruscar® Post Acne, the mars disappear within only a week of use."

David Lian, 22 (Model & Mr. Worl Malaysia 2010)
"In addition, to maintain my muscles, I take 25 grams of protein on a daily basis, which can cause heatiness. Luckily for me, I've discovered Hiruscar® Post Acne. Since then, I have consistently applied the gel on my acne scars and have experience a wonderful reduction in dark marks; and the scars are hardly visible just before my photo shoot. I am truly grateful to have found such positively transforming solution to my skin problem."

I was given a full size product of it. I am planning to do a verdict post about this. So what for it! I will post out a before after picture to see how effective this is. Yes, it is just a poerfect time. I experience a lot of acne scars this year! Arrgghhh! Thanks Hiruscar for inviting me to the event, the food was good! (=^ω^=) and for the goodies! Mr Bear Hiruscar will remind me to put this gel on my skincare routine indeed!

In a satisfaction test conducted on 21 subjects who were prone to suffer from acne, the subjects’ scars appeared smoother and their dark and inflamed red marks faded away within four weeks.
Hiruscar® Post Acne is priced at RM38.80 per 10-gram tube and it is available at Multicare, Healthlane, Constant and Watsons stores nationwide.   Hiruscar® Post Acne is developed by Medinova AG, Switzerland and distributed by DKSH Malaysia Sdn Bhd.  

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