Want FREE Bio-Essence freebies up to RM420?

Just a quick sharing! Yeah! I have been eyeing on this skin care range for a weeks! I really want to try them! It will be a great opportunity to join their event and learn more about this stuff! It fits all the stuff i need! It whitens, prevent dark spot, blemishes and the day moisturizer contains SPF20! It is the simplest skin care range that meets my concern! I would love to try the serum too! Plus! Don't forget the packaging! It looks so sleek! I have call to get in the list! Come join! Maybe you and I are lucky to get into the list! You want to get freebies from Bio Essences? Take up this challenge! See details below for more information!

Look at Scha! She's so pretty!
Bio Essences Intensive Whitening Range Commercial / Ads

Details by Bio Essences Malaysia :
4x Anti-Dark Fighter challenge For Flawless Radiant White Skin 
You are invited to join us for 4x Anti-Dark Fighter challenge. 
Call now to register: 03- 8737 2122
Free Gift Pack valued at RM 420
(Including a bottle Tanaka 4x Serum 30ml for the first 100 volunteers only *
*Terms and conditions apply

Hope I'm in the list including you! So we can meet up maybe!

**all images & videos are owned by Bio Essences Malaysia.

Would you join? Tell me if you are joining ok!
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