My Dream Wedding Dress Designer


"Nurita Harith, passionate and ambitious; has always had an ardour and eye for Fashion and the Arts. Her passion lies in the Arts and the use and interesting silhouettes. Before pursuing her Bachelor of Fashion Design at Surrey Institute of Art in London, she was a fine arts major and had done sculptures before, which undoubtedly has helped her in developing her own individual style."

I think every girls want the best in their wedding. I'm not talking about expensive weddings. Even the small budget weddings need planning and option of a nice dress to wear during the ceremony. My dream wedding dress designer will be Nurita Harith. I just love all of her collections. Even the Raya collection. She have this unique modern taste that really attracts me. I would love her to design my wedding dress one day. InsyaAllah... But I can't really tell what kind of design I would love. My taste of style may vary due to time comes. But since I was a kid, I really love pastel soft lace with long sleeves dress. I don't like dresses that show to much of the skin.

For makeup, I would love Anna Ismail to do my makeup. I just love her creations and makeup. In sya Allah, if I have some extra money I really love to go to her makeup classes. Check out her blog here!

**All image are taken from Nurita Harith official website. All images are credited to her.

Do you have a favorite designer? Who is she/he?

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