First MIVVA Box Unboxing Haul & Giveaway


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Im so excited for this post! I gt my hands on the first every Special Edition X'Mas BeautyBox from MIVVA! Yeah! (Kids clapping~) I actually record an unboxing video for this, unfortunately my SD Card got some kind of a problem and I cant access my video in my camera... (*m) . Well I hope some pictures will give you a brief about how I am so happy with this box. 
My package arrive safely. They are all pack and wrapped up nicely with a bubble wrap. I'm super impress. The pink box is a sturdy cardboard box that is absolutely cute. Can you see the details in the box? You can use the box to store stuff and they look perfectly pretty. Everything were pack nicely.

There is a greeting card on the top of the package and a card filled with information of the stuff you will be getting. there are 9 items actually, but randomly you will be getting 6 out of 9 of them base on your interest that you have answered during registration. As far as I am very very happy of what I have got. Under the package there is another surprise  A cute makeup bag! I totally love it! It has alot of compartment and the quilt design on the bag is just so cute.

The product that i got are : From Left to Right

HEME Skinpore Invisible Balm [ Retails for RM38.90 for 14ml ]
Claim to give you a perfect and smooth texture for oily, uneven or problem-prone akin. Kinda like a makeup base. I'm very excited for this as I am looking for a makeup base for my own. The tube that I got is in 12g size. Pretty big amount for a sample and I think it gonna last long.

PRIVIA Perfect Pure Cleansing Foam [ Retails for RM43 for 180ml ]
Could love enogh the packaging. Super cute! I don't know the sample size I got is in what weight. It was written in Korean Language. The size is perfect for traveling. Pretty handy. Claim to removes keratin, reduce skin problem and reach deep into the pores clean dirt and dead cells while keeping your skin smooth and silky. It smells amazing. I really love the smells. Its smells so luxurious and reminds me of a berries.

Bio-Essences Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP [ Retails for RM69.90 for 60ml ]
Its my mom favorite. I have tried it when I got back at my parent house. It exfoliate pretty good. Very gentle but I hate the smell of it. I don't know why. It claim to be a gentle exfoliating gel that won't cause abrasion to the skin. The beads in the gel is not harsh at all, I admit that its a good exfoliating gel but I don't like the smell of it.

Di Palomo Wild Fig Grape Enriching Shower Gel [ Retails for RM69.00 for 225ml ]
Claim to be a rich, luxury bath and shower gel formulated with the finest ingredient  Fig and grape are rich in antioxidants which help to maintain a healthy skin tone and its Paraben free. For a shower gel I might say the tube is pretty small. The sample I got is in 25ml tube bottle. Pretty handy for traveling.

Stage The Lash Expert in Naomi [ Retails for RM25.00 - RM38.00 ]
Out of all product I receive this is my favorite! I love false lash, although I don't really use it daily. In the box you will be receiving a booklet of all Stage Lash, from Natural, Dramatic and Fantasy. 60+ styles to choose from. Naomi is one of the collection in Natural. Can't wait to try it. It does come with a small eyelash glue tube.

ORIKS Collagen 703 Crystal Cream [ Retails for RM218.00 for 30ml ]
Claim to be a cream that contains active-hydrolyzed collagen and complex vitamins which can be absorbed through skin penetration effectively to improve skin moisture content, lasting the skin's moisture and increase the skin's elasticity and radiance. The sample I got comes in a capsule forms. Each capsule contains 1ml of the collagen cream. Probally I can insert this as an extra skin care routine during the night

Others from product you will be getting are vouches and the makeup bag which I love! The first voucher is a pedi medi voucher from Posh Nail Spa! Probally I'll be going as I never had a professional pedi medi experience! The salon is located at Lorong Datuk Sulaiman in KL. The second voucher is a Free Express Rejuve Treatment for 30mins worth RM120. Rejuve is a company that provide services of face firming, Under-Chin Firming and other parts of the body located at Berjaya Times Square, Bandar Seri Puchong and Taman Molek Johor.

I'm pretty impress with the stuff I'm getting. A mix of makeup, skincare and body care is a good idea. You will experience different every month. Love how you not only get products to try but vouchers and makeup bag! Its like receiving birthday gift every month! ;)

Wanna get one for free?

Win yourself one MIVVA Beauty Box!
One lucky winner for my beloved readers!
Open for Malaysia resident only.

Living in Malaysia
Follow my blog via GFC

Giveaway ends 2 weeks from now.
11.59pm 13 January 2013
I will choose the winner using a Random Name Generator.
I will be contacting you via Facebook.

Comment below by posting
GFC Name
Facebook Name
What is your 2013 resolution?

Good luck everyone! <3
I will be sending the box myself, this giveaway is sponsored by MIVVA.
Thank you so much MIVVA! <3
More information abou MIVVA Beuty Box Subcription kindly visit

*psst! they are giving away a HLW Celine Bag! Visit their Facebook page for more info!

Hugs and kisses

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  1. ENTER ME!

    GFC name: Leimun
    FB name: Leimun

    New year resolution:
    Be better person
    Balance out blogger life & student life
    Graduate & get into my desired working field.

    Thanks Sabrina & MIVVA for this awesome giveaway =D
    I hope i'm lucky to get this! hehehe

  2. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: IlhamLiyana
    Facebook Name: Ilham Liyana
    What is your 2013 resolution?: I want to get all the makeup products that are in my wishlist! :D

  3. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name : Puteri Panda
    Facebook Name : June Mdy
    What is your 2013 resolution? : improve myself & collect all my favorite perfumes.

    Thanks, Sab. ^___^

  4. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: cqahsan
    Facebook Name : Nur Tsiqah Mohd Nasir
    What is your 2013 resolution? : Save money for better education and learn different language.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Christine N.
    Facebook Name: Christine Ng

    What is your 2013 resolution?
    I actually have a blog post all about it. It's at

    Thank you for this great giveaway!

  6. ENTER ME!
    GFC: Nicole Sim
    Facebook Name: Nicole Sim
    What is your 2013 resolution?
    Make sure that I am able to follow my editorial calendar for my blog posts!


    thanks love!

  7. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Sarah Harun
    Facebook Name; Sarah PinkRoses Roses
    What is your 2013 resolution?: - I want to continue my studies and Want to succeed in the world of blogs at same time
    - Save money to buy my favorite products. ;)

    Thank Sabrina n MIVVA. =)

  8. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name:Eriol Loh
    Facebook Name:Eriol Loh
    What is your 2013 resolution:Buy all my wishlist things and earn a lot of money to travel&shopping&eating good food&love.

  9. ENTER ME!~
    GFC Name: Khairani Karim
    Facebook: Khairani Karim ( Kim Ra Ra)
    My 2013 resolution: strive harder in my study, be more unique, be more friendly & save money to go travel this time!~

    Btw, nice giveaways, thanks!~

  10. ENTER ME! ;)
    GFC Name: Nicole
    Facebook Name: Nicole Yee
    My 2013 resolution is to save more money and start buying things wisely and to start wasting money on things that i don't need ;)

    Oh and thank you so very much for hosting this awesome giveaway Sabrina and MIVVA :D

  11. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Salhah Suhot
    Facebook Name: Salhah Suhot
    What is your 2013 resolution?:
    flatten my tummy so i can fit into my old jeans. :)

  12. ENTER ME!

    GFC Name: Afeeqah Azhar
    Facebook Name: Afeeqah Azhar
    What is your 2013 resolution?: travel with my best friend and learn different language.

    Thanks for the giveaway!╰☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

  13. ENTER ME!

    GFC Name: Saimnicy Kim
    Facebook Name: Saimnicy Kim
    What is your 2013 resolution? : Start new life and work hard for my new intake of Multimedia Design & able to editorial calendar for my blog posts!
    Thanks for the giveaway <3

  14. ENTER ME! :D
    GFC Name: LauraLeoa
    Facebook Name: Laura Lee
    What is your 2013 resolution?
    To start an enjoyable working life, and try and get enough sleep so that I won't be so tired! XD

  15. ENTER ME!

    GFC Name: snowmint
    Facebook Name: Hayley Maris
    What is your 2013 resolution?: I hope to lose weight and to find a good job.

    Thanks for the give-away and Happy New Year!!☜(⌒▽⌒)☞

  16. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Joubajoubawa
    Facebook Name: Jojo Seah
    What is your 2013 resolution?
    Hope to achieve near flawless skin & lose some weight!

  17. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name : lw
    Facebook Name : li wan gong
    What is your 2013 resolution? : to pass my exam with flying colours

  18. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Yan Yan
    Facebook Name: Kah Yan( *in case u don't know which Kah Yan because there're too many haha ^^

    What is your 2013 resolution?
    - work harder and get scholarship to make my study at overseas dream come true.

    - get rid of my pimples and blackheads.

    - trying to be a better person than every yesterday that passed.

    I'm planning to start a new blog soon! so the old blog may remains as my memories hehe :D

    Thanks for offering this great deal, and may fortune bless me to walk away with this MIVVA box and god bless you and your family, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :)
    *waves flag*

  19. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Cici Asyiqin
    Facebook Name: cici_asyiqin(

    What is your 2013 resolution?
    - trying to be not too sensitive as people always say =p

    - having the best result every semester

  20. ENTER ME!

    GFC Name: Elmo
    Facebook Name: Elmo BigBang
    2013 resolution: Work out more and get slimmer =P

  21. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name : win lyn
    Facebook Name : Li Na
    What is your 2013 resolution? To go green and revert to a healthier diet.

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway & Happy New Year ❤

  22. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name : Aby Teo
    Facebook Name : Aby Teo
    What is your 2013 resolution?
    1. Get slimmer xD
    2. Get a better offer :)

    Happy new year!

  23. ENTER ME!

    GFC Name : yana fazlyana
    Facebook Name : Yana Fazlyana
    2013 resolution

    1) Graduate this year with dean list InshaAllah ;)
    2) New job after graduate ;)

  24. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: wiida ribbon
    Facebook Name : Wiida Ribbon
    What is your 2013 resolution? :be happy as possible and improve myself in all ways- attitude, studies, habit, mentality and etc. :)

  25. ENTER ME!
    GFC Name: Denise
    Facebook Name:Deedee

    What is your 2013 resolution? TO get a good job.

  26. Enter Me!!
    GFC Name: chansookyuen
    Facebook Name: Chan Sook Yuen

    What is your 2013 resolution?
    Keep fit, stay healthier and prettier and happy always!

  27. ENTER ME!

    GFC name: qianhui=)
    FB name: Qian Hui

    New year resolution:
    1. Be more lady and girly. I'm currently 19teen ( Opps should be 20. Damn ) but I seldom wear dress or hot pant because of my elephant legs. seldom make up too. Hope to win this MIVVA give box and start to learn how to make up and dress myself like a princess :)
    2. Slim down and get a fit body shape. ( Ohhh every girls' hope I guess? Haha )
    3. Concentrate on my studies. My result dropped like %&*@!$#&@% SAD!
    4. Travel to Taiwan or Korea! Okay lah even to Penang or Kuala Lumpur also acceptable LOL
    5. Everything goes smoothly and everyone is healthy :) Don't get hurt anymore! Hmmm :/

    Happy 2013!! :D

    Thanks Sabrina & MIVVA for this awesome giveaway =D
    I hope i'm lucky to get this! hehehe

  28. ENTER ME!

    GFC Name: 雨忆「诗」情 ♥
    Facebook Name : Qing Sc

    New year resolution:
    Don't waste my time giving someone a second chance when there's someone out there waiting for my first!

    Thanks Sabrina & MIVVA for this awesome giveaway!
    I hope i'm the lucky one,Teheee!

  29. WOW! I'm so flattered by all of your entries! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ENTERING!
    Love reading all of your resolution! the giveaway is officially closed!
    Will announce the winner soon in this week! Thank you so much for the love!
    *BIG HUG*