How to survive long distance relationship.


Assalamualaikum and Hello guys! Wow.. want a surprise title eyh? I have something I would love to share, Im not a pro but heres a tips on my past experience. I have been together with my boyfriend for 6 years now. We have been seeing each other since high school. After he finish his high school he had to continue his studies. So it was hard for me at first but it was for the best. We only meet each other once a month and sometimes once every 2 months. The only was to keep us from missing each other is by phone. Getting the right data plan is IMPORTANT! As we are still a student, financial is a crucial issue. So here is where XPAX came along! We contacted every single day to ask about how each of us were doing. Since then I never felt like he was far away from me. I never had to worried about contacted him because the plan we are using allow us to communicate with each other. We don't even have to worry about our bills because all the budget that we have plan goes as planned.

Lets watch below video and let me know what you think.

The diamond illustration on her finger is so cute don't you think? It seems like they lost contact fro 2 weeks. Think positive! There were time where me and my bf fight for some stupid things. It was the time where our other data plan making us fight because our phone line crazily blocked other people to contacted us. Due to misunderstanding, we fight. Because of phone line we fight? Haha. Seems very funny. Problem about long term relationship does not work is because lack of communicating and of course patient and trust. 
No matter how busy you are, a simple message telling that you miss him/her is important. seems like a trouble for some people but still, rather than you regret something that will be gone for life. At the end of the video the long hair guy named Joe hold her hand. Why? Let me know in the comment below on what you think.
What is the ending of this video? Does Nick cheat on her?
Dont lose it all! Time to get data
Dial *128#

Hugs and kisses

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  1. me too. almost 3 years survived our long distance relationship..

    1. Alhamdulillah.. I pray you guys happiness and get married soon! <3

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    Merry Christmas

  3. Good to hear you guys are going strong dear! I'm also doing long-distance. First it was Malaysia and UK and now it's different states, so I can relate! =)

    1. wow! that is awesome dear. im super impress! i pray for both of you happiness and health! <3 keep going stronger ok! <3

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