My Malaysia Wonderland with Yuna!


Remember the Sparkle Video Music from Yuna? That video have won "The Best Music Video Award" in the AIM awards!!! And did you know it has been created using the Samsung Note? Cool eyh! Samsung is very honoured to colabrate with Yuna once again for the new Samsung Note 2 that have been launch recent October! So come join and make this a remarkable inspiring journey for Yuna once again! Inspire her by what makes your Malaysia a Wonder land! Easy Peasy Lemon Squezy! Let me show you around.

This is the music video "Sparkle" by Yuna. Lovely video!

Explore and inspire by your surrounding! Malaysia is a lovely country that have a lot of things you can actually be inspire, our differences culture and people around. A flying orang utan? A seri muka kuih tree? Or even a flying congkak? Be creative and go wild with your imagination!

Click "CREATE" to start creating!

Wanna see mine? Let see my inspiration towards my lovely country!
Step 1 : Scribble some puffy sky to represent the everyday of my morning!

Step 2 : Then I add some images that I have cropped to the canvas.

Step 3 : Ais Batu Campur! I rearranged the images to  the canvas.

Step  4 : I created a rainbow path along the large ABC!

Step  5 : Add some detail to the drawing. Oh yes, the small figure is me! hehe...

Step 6 : Click Done and Log in using your Email or Facebook to submit!

Step 7 : And you are done!
How's mine? Hehe! Create yours now! Share what inspire you in the portal. The team will help Yuna to combine and inspire by all of your inspiration for the next Big project! Sparkle project went BIG! Make this BIGGER! Yuna will be seeing this! Yuna journey to her Galaxy Wonderland will be feature in Astro Ria! Inspire her now!
Hold your horses! Ok ok, all you need is to go here -
Must Go!
Must Go!
Must Go!
(how about a flying curry puff and turbo space beca?!)
For more information and updates visit -

Hugs and kisses

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  1. teringin nak try handphone samsung tapi tak tahu mana satu yg best sebab banyak sangat jenis modelnya. huhuhuhu.. ada cadangan tak, sab? ^___^

    1. cube survey s3, ayah sab pakai. dia kata mmg best!

    2. S3 banyak jenis la, sab. tu buat pening kepala nak pilih mana satu. hehe...

  2. suke.. cantik your submission... OMG now craving ABC la pulak :P

    1. thank you! hehe... kan.. colorful ice crush..owh! <3