Bio Essences Aqua BB Cream Review


Lately I find my self using BB cream more often  Not in a mood for heavy makeup pile on my face this month. Muehehe. So here is the Review : 

Coverage : ★★★★

I might say its a light to medium coverage. Its buildable. Leaves your skin dewy and its a semi translucent finish. The color is pretty grayish but it soak up and leaves a natural finish after a few minuted. If you want to wear it alone with no powders, your face looks very dewy. 
Texture : ★★★★☆
Very liquid-y texture. Very runny when you squeeze it out from the tube. But very easy to blend. I use my fingers to warm it up on my fingers and spread it out easily. 
Packaging : ★★★★☆
Nothing special, but when it comes in a tube form, its very hygienic and easy. 
Price : ★★★★☆
Pretty affordable  but a lil pricey for some people. I might say RM60+ is expensive. But its a promise BB Cream. Last for 5 hours. 

Availability : ★★★★☆ 
Available at all participating pharmacies that carries Bio Essences product such as Watson, Gurdian and Jusco Wellness.
Overall : ★★★★☆
4 stars for all eyh. I kinda love this but its not a holy grail product. Would recommend this to people who love light weight makeup with benefits and a lil coverage. Fair to medium skin tone might find this a perfect match.

What's the lightest BB Cream you ever tried?
Hugs & Kisses
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